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Mrs. ZimmermanSan Jacinto Elementary School•San Jacinto, CA

Thank you so much for helping my class get a new carpet. The students love having their own space. There are enough spots for everyone, so they don’t have to race to get to the carpet. They know when it is carpet time that they have their special spot. With a couple of my students we have been working on personal space and the carpet visually helps them identify personal space.

When the carpet first arrived, which was much sooner than expected, the students cheered wildly! They were…”Supported A Place to Call My Own on January 15, 2020Ms. McMullinHigh Point Central High School•High Point, NC

I want to thank you again for your generosity in helping to purchase badminton rackets and shuttlecocks for my classes and after school badminton club. Fortunately, we were able to use them a few times before the schools shut down!

One of the best moments was when I got the call from the office that a box had arrived. It was like a late Christmas present! I couldn’t believe how fast it had been ordered and shipped. My students were intrigued by what was in the box, so we opened it…”Supported Badminton Brings Benefits and Belonging on January 15, 2020Mrs. Jacquie HoyosMaria Sanchez Elementary School•Hartford, CT

Wow!!! Thanks to your generosity we just finished our first writing project and now our students can put their typing and publishing skills to work! New reading material is also on their way. We appreciate your donation not only because we will be able to use the resources, but it’s also the evidence of the belief that someone cares about our students’ education.

How exciting! It’s the perfect way to begin a new year.”Supported Readers Need Ink to Write About Real Life Topics on January 15, 2020Ms. GarveyRocky Mountain Classical Academy – Elementary•Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you so much for your donations! It took 2 short days for this to be funded! Without your support this would not be possible! Thank you for all you do to allow kiddos to read more! I know my class is so excited to have more choice in what they read in our classroom.”Supported Reading Makes a Difference! on January 15, 2020Ms. SmithButcher-Greene Elementary School•Grandview, MO

Thank you so much for supporting my classroom and students! I cannot wait to put these amazing resources to good use. I will soon be able to teach my students about different cultures and enrich their learning in math. This project will help my students tremendously.

I cannot thank you enough.”Supported Math Stations and Social Studies Books on January 15, 2020Mrs. CampbellTapestry Charter School Lower School•Buffalo, NY

Thank you so very much to everyone who donated and supported my classroom! Every item will be used and loved.

When you touch a child’s life, you change the world forever. Reading is so very important to help students succeed in sxhiol and as adults who think. Thank you for being part of that.”Supported Good Books, Cozy Nooks and Endless Adventures on January 15, 2020Ms. SimonisBrownell Elementary School•Chicago, IL

All I can say is WOW! I am so overwhelmed and grateful for your contribution to this project. We got this thing funded in a week!!! You are helping to bring joy and happiness to my classroom with your generosity. I know my kiddos are going to be ecstatic! I am beyond lucky, and so thankful! May God bless you all!”Supported Lovers of Learning and Collaboration on January 15, 2020Mrs. MansonFarnsworth Aerospace (PreK-4 Campus)•Saint Paul, MN

Thank you for your donation to my classroom for my deaf and hard of hearing students. My students are able to make choices about their seating so that they can learn in a comfortable position. They are making choices that allows them to learn their best while being comfortable with their eating choice. Our table whiteboard is also a huge success. I am able to directly write on the white board while teaching them and they can also write on it. This has been a great resource for my students who…”Supported Different Ways To Teach and Learn on January 15, 2020Ms. ChacinHerbert Marcus Elementary School•Dallas, TX

Due to your big heart KC was able to practice their math skills in an interactive and fun way! Students learned to count their numbers in different ways (tally marks, ten frames, numerals, etc) with the Number Rockets, they loved creating math word problems and solving them with the flip and solve boards as well as the see and solve set. Pop & Add have been super fun to add all the way through 20!

They were very excited to received these materials and while we were at school they…”Supported Hands on Math will Lead Me to the Stars! on January 15, 2020Mrs. ShepherdBayless Elementary School•Lubbock, TX

Thank you so much for giving to my students. They were able to see the new items that we are getting for our class and are quite excited.

The items will help us to teacher and reinforce lessons. These new learning tools will assist my students that are struggling to be able to learn and retain more, so that they can advance and grow.

My heart is full that we are able to get these items for them to continue to grow and make head way in their educations.”Supported SENSORY HELPS ME LEARN on January 15, 2020Ms. O’BrienPS 207 Rockwood Park•Howard Beach, NY

There are few things more exciting to my students than knowing generous donors have been kind enough to help make our classroom a better place. My students received box after box of the basic supplies we need desperately so our focus is only on learning. Students who are new to our school are unfamiliar with what DonorsChoose is, so we discussed how generous people and corporations want to support schools and education. Imagine their surprise when they learned that their classroom was chosen…”Supported Making History Come Alive Through Research and Art ! on January 15, 2020Ms. ClaypooleStout Field Elementary School•Indianapolis, IN

I would like to thank you again for donating to this project. The organizational system has helped my students and myself in a myriad of ways. The first being that they are learning more about responsibility for their Project Lead the Way materials. Each piece has a place and the students know that that is where they go. These containers also help us to keep student projects separated, so that when they come into class they can immediately grab their own project and get to work.

As an…”Supported Getting Organized for Project Lead the Way on January 15, 2020Ms. HockadayWilkinson ECC Elementary School•Saint Louis, MO

Thank you all so much for funding our printer and scanner. The students are so excited to know that we will be getting our equipment to help enhance our writing, reading and acting skills. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I’m sure we will get a lot of use out of both the printer and the scanner.”Supported We Are Future Writers, Actors and Actresses. on January 15, 2020Mrs. DunawayGoldsmith Elementary School•Louisville, KY

We cannot thank you enough for our wonderful headphones. My students and I were so excited when the shipment came in. Your donations have made such a difference in my kindergarten classroom.

My students use the headphones on a daily basis. It has been amazing to see my students more engaged when they are on the I-pads using headphones. My assistant and I are able to hear our small groups much better without the distraction from the noisy I-pads. Several of my students said, “these…”Supported Help! We Can’t Hear Our Stories! on January 15, 2020Ms. HoffmanHarry Bridges Span School•Wilmington, CA

Thank you so much for donating to my project. My students will use these mini-microphones to help them complete projects on their iPads. The mini-microphones will help them create digital books because they are not the greatest when it comes to typing. The mini-microphones will allow them to record their voices when making presentations about what they have learned through research. The mini-microphones will capture them reading one of their very favorite stories and so much more. The parents…”Supported Can You Hear Me Now? on January 15, 2020Coach RHarmony Science Academy-Cypress•Cypress, TX

Thank you so much…from the bottom of my heart…for helping to fund this project. Being a new school, I am trying to keep my equipment looking good for years to come and this will help out tremendously when transitioning from inside to outside! I cannot wait to put this to good use!!!”Supported Even PE Coaches Like to Be Organized! on January 15, 2020Ms. Holly WilsonFillmore Elementary School•Oklahoma City, OK

My first grade students are loving their new listening center. They are eager each day to do the Listening center and discover new information or story for the day and or for the week. The students always want to spend additional time in the listening center in order to discover a new character or new story elements.

The students are learning to realize that by listening to the story the elements for their oral fluency that sometimes give them trouble in the smaller group setting. They…”Supported Listening to the World of Books on January 15, 2020Ms. KollarJames S Hunt Elementary School•Coral Springs, FL

Thank you so much for your donation of Versatiles in my third grade classroom. These Versatiles allowed students to work independently with a variety of skills. And, they had so much fun doing it!

Versatiles gave students an opportunity to work together in small groups, with a partner, or on their own, to learn about various topics: science, social studies, phonics and comprehension.

This not only increased their skill level in these areas but also added to the excitement of…”Supported Literacy Projects for Fun! on January 15, 2020Mrs. Lisa PetersonBarnett Elementary School•Payson, UT

Thank you so much for your generous donations and interest in our classroom. The impact of having headphones to enhance the technology in our classroom will be amazing! My students are SO excited – they literally jumped up and down with joy when I told them. They are so grateful, and so am I.

Your generosity is key to the success of today’s students. Thank you again for supporting this project – you have made a tremendous impact on our classroom!”Supported Can You Hear Me Now? on January 15, 2020Mrs. ArnoldLeon Sablatura Middle School•Pearland, TX

I am so exited that my first project has been fully funded. I can’t wait to receive the fire tablets and to start using them in the classroom. My students will be very thankful for your generous donations to helping build more technology in the classroom. Thank you so much!”Supported Ignite the FIRE for Reading! on January 15, 2020Ms. BrownMountain View High School•Orem, UT

Thank you for your generosity in donating books to my classroom. I Will Always Write Back is being used in our current unit to introduce and study ideas such as “how can I help people less fortunate than me” and “how do other people experience the world differently than me.”

So far in this unit, it has been inspiring to see how these students have responded to the ideas in the text due to the combination of students in lower socioeconomic status and upper-middle…”Supported Discovering Compassion for Others on January 15, 2020Ms. LachiusaRidgecrest Elementary School•Largo, FL

Thank you so much for supporting our Kindergarten classroom! My scholars love reading our new books, sitting on our carpet, reading with our book buddies and exploring the love of reading. My scholars love to read the new non fiction books about weather, predators of the ocean and about the world around us.

Through your donation, our classroom will be refreshed for the remainder of the school year and scholars next year will be able to use as well.

Words can’t thank you…”Supported Help Refresh Our Library on January 15, 2020Ms. FloresClements High School•Sugar Land, TX

Thank you so much for your contributions. It’s my first year teaching high school, and my classroom needs to be stocked. When I arrived, there was a large bin of dried-out markers, glue that was so old the plastic bottles cracked with the slightest pressure, and some old broken crayons. Your contribution has helped me begin to set things up so students can have some fun while they learn.

As you can see from the few images that I could upload, students made posters showing what they…”Supported Make Learning Spanish Fun with Art Supplies on January 15, 2020Mrs. ObandoFairview Elementary School•Fairfield, CA

Thank you so much for supporting this project! This project was very special to me and my class. Toon Books come in all levels and were especially great for my English Language Learners. Having books of varying levels is helpful to my students as they help to meet the needs that my students have. Most if students all if different reading levels. Clearly these books were a hit!

My class was very excited to read these books. We were able to have a book tasting and all students were able to…”Supported Toon Books For Reading Time Fun! on January 15, 2020Mrs. VarugheseOtis A Mason Elementary School•St Augustine, FL

Thank you for taking part in our classroom journey to expand our love for literature. Each holiday I would like to complete a Donor’s Choose project to provide my students books and help build their love for reading. My students were ecstatic to receive these books, and felt such love from each of the donors. We read the story aloud and discussed the impacts of kindness among friends and family. They each described their “love spot” and how they could pass it forward. Thank you…”Supported Spreading Love Through Literature on January 15, 2020Ms. MartinezAndrew Jackson Elementary School•Indio, CA

Students loved the new headphones, specially the tablet stands. It made it easier for them to record themselves reading books. It was also easier for them to record themselves while explain their math problems. The headphones and tablet stands are very helpful in the classroom. It helps students practice fluency and I can provide feedback to all students when they record themselves reading during centers, because I can then go back and listen to each student and provided them with feedback. Our…”Supported Techie First Graders on January 15, 2020Mrs. GonzalezBelvedere Elementary School•West Palm Beach, FL

Receiving these yoga mats was the opening of a gift that is going to keep on giving. Most of our students do not have coping mechanisms in place to face and combat daily stressors. The gift you have given them will last them a lifetime and for that we are ever so grateful.

Upon arriving to PE class on the first week of having the mats, the students took their shoes off before entering the room. All of the yoga mats were laid out accompanied by mediation music, a Himalayan salt lamp. Upon…”Supported Yoga Mats for Mindful Students on January 15, 2020Mrs. HaynesRenton Park Elementary School•Renton, WA

Thank you so much for your generous donations to our class project. The kids were so excited to receive their headbands and lab coats! Many exclaimed they looked just like our class phonics mascot – which was the point.

The students look forward to wearing the “Super Reader” headbands during reading time. They even took a super hero parade around the school to show off the books they are reading.

I am really looking forward to using these materials, year after year. to…”Supported Phonics Dramatic Play on January 15, 2020Ms. SchoonoverCaptain Raymond Collins School•Long Beach, CA

It is with great gratitude and appreciation that I submit this impact letter for your kindness and willingness to give to “Flex(ible Seating) for Success”. With these stools and floor seats, students have been able to use them on a daily basis to complete assignments. Throughout the day, students are able to learn in a seat that gives them the movement necessary to enhance their individual learning. These stools have not only helped students stay focus but also have created a learning…”Supported Flex(ible Seating) for Success! on January 15, 2020Ms. KilpatrickCerbat Elementary School•Kingman, AZ

We would like to thank you for your support. The students have been using the journals to improve their growth-mind set. Learning how to increase a positive attitude is very important in the trying times we are now facing.

The journals have many fantastic colored pictures and quotes in them. The students were excited to have their own personal journal to write in. One parent told me her child loves hers so much she sleeps with it.

We were using our journals for a pay it forward…”Supported Growth-Mindset with Creative Journaling on January 15, 2020Mrs. CentofranchiRose Elementary School•Escondido, CA

Thank you so much for your generous donations. My students were so excited to get new chairs for working around the classroom. We use these seats for collaborating around the room with other students. The kids like to find a cozy spot in the room to work with their peers.

In our classroom we also love to read. These comfy seats are a favorite with kids in my class. They can sit back, relax, and get lost in the adventure of a good book. I am so proud of them. Last month we earned the…”Supported Comfy Seating for Creative Minds on January 15, 2020Ms. ChamberlinRoosevelt Elementary School•Tacoma, WA

My students absolutely love the new supplies. Since it was a testing week several of my students were in my classroom as the materials arrived. Their eyes were so big and they were so excited to finally have new pencils, storage materials, markers, highlighters, sticky notes and countless materials to make learning maps. I will have to say they were in shock that amazing people like you all provided these materials for them. With budget cuts, our school has really been hurting for supplies this…”Supported SOS! Creating a Clean, Organized and Accessible Classroom on January 15, 2020Mrs. AndersonHigh Desert Middle School•Globe, AZ

Thank you so much for your generous support! The Globe Unified School District Midnight Cicadas Robotics program is excited to get started with our new vinyl designs and creations . Our ‘FIRST’ projects will include making sponsor emblems for our numerous robots that show our deep appreciation to all of you!”Supported Say Thanks With Vinyl! on January 15, 2020Ms. TomkinsBoca Raton Elementary School•Boca Raton, FL

Iam so so excited about this !!! Thank you so much !!! I’ve been waiting to get these materials for a long time !!!

Iam so grateful for this surprise today !!! You have really made my year. I can not wait to receive the writing journals and start my students writing !!! They will be so excited!”Supported Writing Journals Needed on January 15, 2020Mrs. NimmerSun Path Elementary School•Shakopee, MN

Thank you very much for your donations! My students have loved all the non fiction I have in my library but will love being able to bring it home!!

Thank you also for giving us a resource to connect our reading to other core subjects! I am excited to be able to integrate our learning and use our extra time to create projects that further our learning.”Supported Help Us Learn to Love Non-Fiction! on January 15, 2020Mrs. NutterRiver City Middle School•Post Falls, ID

Thanks to the generosity that you have shown, my project to help Shelly our turtle has been funded. My students will be so excited to hear that we can once again care for our beloved turtle in the best way possible. Thank you for giving my students this opportunity to learn responsibility in a fun and engaging way!”Supported Save Shelly the Turtle! on January 15, 2020Ms. ShippTemple Charter Academy•Temple, TX

It is with a huge heart that I thank you for your generosity and kindness! Our students need consistency, and this will certainly help. The teacher who moved, mid-year, started building success and the students soared! I am thankful that they may continue to do so, thanks to YOU!”Supported Keeping It Flexible on January 14, 2020Ms. WalkerEliseo C Felix Elementary School•Goodyear, AZ

Thank you so much for donating to this project. Reading is so important to the students’ growth and being able to connect music with reading will be a great opportunity for them!! I look forward to seeing the looks on their faces when they see how many books we were able to receive as well as how we can make reading and music go together so easily!”Supported Reading Rainbow in the Music Room on January 15, 2020Ms. LevineLiberty Elementary School•Franklin, TN

Thank you so much for your generous donations to this project! We have such a huge responsibility to instill the love of reading into these children. With your donations this is POSSIBLE! These students will be able to read about things they are interested in and are passionate about. For that, we thank you!”Supported We Love Books! on January 15, 2020Ms. ChavezMeridian Elementary School•El Cajon, CA

Thank you so much for your generosity! With your donation, our first graders will have the supplies necessary to bring their garden to life. The students will use the donated paint and brushes to create murals on their planter boxes. They will be personalizing each of their rocks to place in the friendship garden. The first graders are so excited to do something unique and lasting for our school and community.”Supported 1st Grade Garden Show on January 15, 2020Mrs. HuskLambs Elementary School•N Charleston, SC

I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the resources that you provided for my classroom. My students have already used the workbooks purchased for their social studies, ELA, Science, and Math curriculum. As a teacher it has helped me provide work for my students to supplement what my district has provided.

My students love to use these resources because they are on grade level, but still challenge the students that need it. The pages provide very engaging work that they can…”Supported Resources for Second Grade on January 15, 2020Mrs. DockenplayEdna Batey Elementary School•Elk Grove, CA

The items we received have been working wonders! The students were in awe when they walked into the classroom and saw all the flexible seating options and to see that now every student can have an option every day!

We have several activities that we’ve already laminated with our personal laminator and placed in our literacy centers and STEM station. None of this could have been possible without all our amazing donors.

In addition, the iPad charging doc has allowed all our ipads…”Supported Mrs. Dock’s Little Darlings Need Supplies! on January 14, 2020Mrs. TerryMesa Elementary School•Westminster, CO

Thank you so much for your generosity! The students are so excited to all have headphones that work. The headphones are very nice when students are taking tests on the computer, or completing classwork. They also love to listen to books online, so the headphones are a crucial part of our learning!

We greatly appreciate you for buying the headphones, and helping students with their learning. These will be a great asset in the classroom. I love how the students are very careful with them,…”Supported Headphones for the Win! on January 14, 2020Mrs. ColemanSeminole Elementary School•Okeechobee, FL

This resource has made my children grown into the learners they are. They are becoming more confident every day. I am able to use ESGI to track everyday data to help the children. It also also been great help with MTSS, to get certain children the extra help they need. As this school year continues it helps me see any certain places I am lackin gin my support. I love how this program also lets me send home personalized letters and flash cards so the parents are able to help their children…”Supported Help Me Help My Students on January 14, 2020Ms. PierceLa Paz Intermediate School•Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you so much for your generous support of my students and my classroom. I truly want my students to have the best chance at independence and their academic development is a crucial component to their continued success. I look forward to supporting my students in understanding linear sequences using the materials you have so graciously provided us. Thank you again, and Happy 2020!”Supported The First, Second, and Finally of Writing Short Stories! on January 14, 2020Mr. LawlessMeridian Middle School•Meridian, ID

Thank you so much for funding the project. Newton’s Law of Constant Acceleration is rooted in Galileo’s famous experiment and students don’t believe that a feather can fall as fast as golf ball. Thanks to your generosity, they will get to demonstrate this phenomenon with their own hands. The timing is perfect too since our motion unit starts in 3 weeks. Thank you!”Supported Was Galileo Right? on January 14, 2020Mrs. GutierrezJefferson Elementary School•Corona, CA

Thank you for reading my project and then supporting the project. I am trying to create an environment where students can choose where they sit and which type of chair they use. With your donation we were able to add more options to our classroom.

The class was excited to hear that our project was funded! Some of the students are very nervous to try the new seats. They are afraid that they will fall off. I explained to them that they will not fall off the seat and those few students are…”Supported Wobble Wobble on January 14, 2020Mr. YoungbloodGrossmont High School•La Mesa, CA

High school students still enjoy coloring a poster or animating a story. Based on the newer Next Generation Science Standards, my students need to make more than posters, they need to make models. Many times, these models will look like posters with annotations and illustrations. The models they make are demonstrations of their understanding from experiences they have completing investigations and activities in class. These activities and investigations often require lab equipment and…”Supported Coloring the Model Science on January 14, 2020Mrs. ToyVic Robertson Elementary School•Round Rock, TX

Thank you again for your kindness in donating to my project and getting it fully funded!! I am so excited to get to share these materials with the art teacher so she can continue to do painting projects with all 50 pre-k students.

I am excited to do an end of the year project this year where students get to paint on a canvas square for a keepsake for their parents. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your donation of paints. Now students will have multiple colors to choose…”Supported Let’s Get Creative! on January 14, 2020Mrs. AzzolinVista Del Monte Elementary School•Palm Springs, CA

Oh the excitement was fabulous! My students were thrilled to open our huge boxes full of bins and supplies! As you can see from our photos, they loved the huge boxes too!

They love having new colorful tubs for their supplies on their desks to keep them organized. We use the larger bins for science work, paperwork, and even art! They look so fresh, bright, and new in our classroom!

Being gifted these amazing supplies has been a game changer. My students can easily recognize their…”Supported Classroom Essentials for Room 6 on January 14, 2020Mrs. C.Dubose Middle School•Summerville, SC

Thank you parents for helping us get new colored pencils for our classroom. The students will be very excited when they receive them to use in their interactive notebooks. I can’t wait to share the news with them. Thank you again for supporting our classroom and the needs of our students.”Supported Coloring Creativity in the Social Studies Interactive Notebook! on January 14, 2020Ms. SchmidtDestin Elementary School•Destin, FL

Thank you so much for helping me get access to this wonderful program for my students. I am beyond grateful for your support because I could not do this without you! I cannot wait to see and share the success of my students with you. Please know that because of you, these kiddos have the opportunity to grow in a way that I could not provide for them on my own.”Supported Vocabulary Victory!! on January 14, 2020Ms. BinfordAlta High School•Sandy, UT

All I can say is WOW! I’m blown away by the incredible generosity, and I know my students are going to be so grateful you’ve lightened their burdens with greater access to computer use. Thank you so much! These resources will assist students now and for years to come!”Supported Chromebooks Conquer Unequal Access to Achievement on January 14, 2020Mrs. GriffinFred Wild Elementary School•Sebring, FL

Thank you soooooo much for your contribution! This couldn’t have come at a better time! Just last week my students were mentioning how they love to sit on the carpet. Thank you so much! This will be a perfect addition to my classroom. May the new year be filled with many blessings!”Supported Flexible Seating on January 14, 2020Mr. Steve SmithMagnolia Intermediate School•Grass Valley, CA

I can’t wait to show my students what we now are able to do thanks to all of you that gave! With this sander we will be able to smooth out those curves that came out of the band saw or scroll saw to give the professional finish that most middle school kids never dreamed they could produce. I am going to be able to do more projects that involve interior curves thanks to your generous gift to my class. I know that the more equipped our classroom is, the better we are ready to take on…”Supported Oscillating Sander for Curves on January 14, 2020Mrs. VictoriaImagine Prep Surprise•Surprise, AZ

Thank you so much for your contributions to my classroom! To say this school year has been weird would be an understatement! We started off remote, moved to hybrid, and now we’re back in a remote setting. Shortly after transitioning to hybrid, we started reading El Escape Cubano. Being back in the classroom was nice and I didn’t realize how deeply happy and grateful I would be by seeing students with books in their hands (provided by you!)

This book was specifically designed for…”Supported Learn Spanish Through an Exciting Adventure! on January 14, 2020Ms. RhodesNorthridge Elementary School•Longmont, CO

Thank you so much for helping my classroom grow in their learning. Every single grade level and class has been able to use the Logitech crayons for multiple projects and activities. From learning iPad fundamentals, drawing and writing my students can do it all now. A showcase example of this is there was a Water Bottle Sticker Contest that as a school we were able to participate in. Students got to design and submit their own water bottle sticker, with the use of the Logitech Crayons and the…”Supported Digital Creation in the Research Lab! on January 14, 2020Ms. MetcalfeEdward C Reed High School•Sparks, NV

The students LOVE the new tools they have for inventing and robotics. They were quick get their robotics parts out of the bins and boxes they were storing items in and moved them in to the organized bins of the rolling tool box. Now, the parts they need are easy to find and easy to transport.

The students were also excited to use the pens with the tablets. They were quick to use the tablet to sketch out ideas for an invention. They are excited that they will have this resource to store…”Supported Tools for Invention- Let’s Draw, Design and Prototype on January 14, 2020Mrs. RobinsonImagine School Of Rosefield•Surprise, AZ

Adding the tablets to our classroom was great. It allowed students to have access to the internet to work in science, social studies, ELA and math. The students were so excited to get the tablets.

They especially loved being able to use the tablets for research with their partners. Students were able to use them for kahoots which also seems to be one of their favorite uses for the tablets.

Because of you awesome donation, my class is more engaged in the learning process. I am so…”Supported Tablets for fifth grade on January 14, 2020Ms. CampbellLincoln Elementary Community School•Schenectady, NY

Thank you for you donation. These basic materials have been extremely helpful in simple ways. The command hooks are on the wall and students are able to hang up their coats and sweatshirts. This just helps support organization as well as the culture of the room. They matter, and their belongings are important…so we take care of them.

The papers and index cards have been used during the Core Math groups. Each group is organized by a different color, so the materials align with the group…”Supported Basic Supplies for Success on January 14, 2020Mrs. BrownEnglewood Elementary School•Englewood, FL

I want to thank all of you for your generosity. I have always wanted a leveled reading system in my classroom and now I am able to use this system to help increase my students reading readiness.

After I assess all of my students, I will be able to use their running record level to assign books for them to read. I am able to use these books in a small group and have them do variety of activities to familiarize them with their leveled readers. After about a week of using that book, I am…”Supported Reading Will Take You Places! on January 14, 2020Mrs. McElroySierra Elementary School•Arvada, CO

These books are making so much learning possible in our classroom. First of all, we are learning about historical fiction. The books our school has are very old and boring. These brand new books make historical fiction interesting and exciting! Also, having sets of 8 books makes teaching reading much easier. I have a large class of fourth graders and my reading groups are large. We never have enough copies for everyone in our group. Now, we have enough copies!

During reading class, the…”Supported Make History Come Alive With Historical Fiction Books! on January 14, 2020Ms. SmithMoore Middle School•Redlands, CA

I really appreciate your hearts to donate to this project. These supplies will allow my students to continue to grow in their learning and give me supplies as an educator to proved the best service to these students. Every donation no matter how big or small has helped us to find this project. My students will not only thank you now, but the impact these supplies will make will have them thanking you in the future as well.”Supported Classroom Organization and Supplies on January 14, 2020Mrs. JonesFry Elementary School•Naperville, IL

We are having so much fun learning about number sense, letter sounds, number identification and words by playing with our new IPAD and Osmo game. Using the Osmo makes learning much more interactive and engaging compared to paper and pencil activities. Kids can work independently as well as in partners to learn more about reading and math. There are a variety of reading and math games that students can choose based on the level that they need. Thanks again for giving us materials that make it…”Supported Let Reading and Math be “Osmo”matic! on January 14, 2020Ms. HowellEmile Elementary School•Bastrop, TX

Miracle makers is what you are! As my first project funded here at this school, and with generous folks like you I am excited to get this project going in our classroom. It will surely feel like a second Christmas for the students when the wobble stools arrive. Sincerest thanks!”Supported Guaranteed to Succeed on January 14, 2020Mrs. GrayFlat Rock Elementary School•Anderson, SC

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our library classroom! My students are so excited about these new items in our Makerspace. They LOVE playing the Prime Club math game and I love that they are building their math skills. They are also enjoying coding with the iRobot and building their computer language skills.

Students in many different grade levels are able to work collaboratively together to code a robot and use their STEAM skills in the library. I cannot thank you enough…”Supported iRobot and Coding Games Build STEAM Skills on January 14, 2020Ms. YoungLeMay Elementary School•Bellevue, NE

Thank you so much for your generous donations! My students will be so excited to receive 3D pens and Sphero robots. I can’t wait to see the creativity and critical thinking that these materials will inspire in my students. Your generosity will inspire and engage students for years to come.”Supported Intro to Coding and 3D Printing on January 14, 2020Mrs. AkinaBradford High School•Kenosha, WI

YOU ARE AMAZING! I can’t wait to share the news with my students that our project has been fully funded. These supplies are going to allow my students to create 3-D models and bring their learning to life! They already LOVE being creative and doing hands on projects and this is going to increase their motivation to learn even more. They are going to be blown away! Again, THANK YOU so much for supporting our class!”Supported Having Fun While Learning…Making 3-D Models on January 14, 2020Mrs. VillanuevaDorothy McElhinney Middle School•Murrieta, CA

Thank you so much for your generous donations. My students were so excited to receive tables to enjoy our garden and their lunches off the ground, as before we were picnicing on a blanket in our garden space. Our “Green Team” garden club was able to start sanding and prepping the tables before our school campus closed due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, they were not able to be present for the construction of the tables. However, my family and I gained permission to re-enter the campus…”Supported Green Team Dreams! on January 14, 2020Mrs. Terri StoutDaffron Elementary School•Plano, TX

WOW! We did it! I am grateful to all of you who saw the value in this project. Thank you so much to every single person (or group) that donated. I guarantee you that the 30 young girls in the Engineering Girls Club, who will be using the Sphero Bolts to “code”, will remember this experience forever.

I am committed to my active role of mentor the girls of the future, and cannot wait for our next project!”Supported Zero to Sphero on January 14, 2020Teacher S.Northland Pines Middle & High School•Eagle River, WI

Wow! I can’t tell you how very humbled I am for your support. Thank you so much for your donation, the students are going to be thrilled!! I’m working on lessons as we speak!! From teachers everywhere, thank you So much for your kindness and for your support!”Supported Let’s Create Virtual Art on January 14, 2020Ms. DeuelLeschi Elementary School•Seattle, WA

Amazing!! This project was fully funded in less than 24 hours! Thank you so much for choosing this project to support! We are very excited for the books to arrive so we can get started with reading, discussing, and voting on our favorites!

We will be sure to give you an update at the end of the tournament so you will know who won! (Spoiler alert…WE are the ones who won, thanks to YOUR generosity!)”Supported Mad About Books: March Book Madness 2020! on January 14, 2020Mrs. OmundsenOasis Charter High School•Cape Coral, FL

Thank you for the donation to purchase Turtles All The Way Down by John Green for my students. The students that have used this book are students who are taking a higher level high school class for the first time. Some of these students are reluctant readers and it was such a pleasure to hear the excitement as they read. It was engaging as well as educational. These students learned about theme, characterization and conflict while reading.

The students were able to develop empathy for…”Supported Mental Illness and Society: A Novel Study on January 14, 2020Ms. WakefieldWinona Elementary School•Loveland, CO

I cannot thank you enough. When we were in school the students in my classroom absolutely loved the flexible seating. For a while they would argue about when it was their turn to get to use the wobble stool, or the yoga ball. They were beyond happy about this opportunity. In some way, shape or form, all of them loved it.

I’ll never forget how focused my students would be when they were using the flexible chairs. How they would carry them around gently, and place them slowly on the…”Supported Learning Can Outweigh’s Wiggles on January 14, 2020Mrs. FordhamFrontier Elementary School•Clearwater, FL

Thank you so much for helping make this trip possible for my students! We are so excited to make the journey to visit our Nation’s Capital. The ability to take students to Washington DC and have them walk through history and experience moments that have defined our country first hand is a part of my job that I am truly grateful for. I couldn’t have done this without your help. Thank you.

Many of my students will be celebrating many firsts when we travel… First plane ride,…”Supported We’re Going to Washington DC! on January 14, 2020Ms. RuthHigh Tech High-Chula Vista•Chula Vista, CA

Through your donations, my students have been able to express their creativity by making their very own endangered species replica using mosaic tiles. These tiles show a specific animal or plant species that they have been researching during our ecology lessons. Each student focused on one specific species by learning what type of habitat they live in, what food and sources they have, and what type of biome they belonged to. This gave students a better idea for their final design.

All…”Supported Endangered Species Mosaic Tiles on January 14, 2020Mrs. ForniaCarl Sandburg Elementary School•Kirkland, WA

Thank you so much for donating to my kindergarten classroom. The kids are thrilled with all of the new materials and games. We use the calendar every single day to discuss the days of the week, the number of days we have been in school, and to count by tens and ones. We also learn about the months of the year and the seasons.

Every day during Learning Centers there are 3-5 children that love playing the Concentration game. They are actually making a lot of improvement in matching the…”Supported Math Games and Calendar Activities on January 14, 2020Mrs. RamosMark Twain Elementary School•Richardson, TX

I am truly grateful for your support. I know my students will be extremely excited to receive the news that the project was funded and to receive these materials. I just told them about the project today and they said that they wanted to donate, but now they don’t have to. My heart is bursting with joy and I can’t wait to share the news with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”Supported Bouncing Out of Tradition! on January 14, 2020Mrs. HaussFerris Spanger Elementary School•Roseville, CA

Thank you so very much for providing new nonfiction books to our school library. Our students are going to love all the new animals, places, people and other subjects that they can learn about in these books. Your generosity will be appreciated by our staff and students for many years to come.”Supported Open Up Our Spartans Minds! on January 14, 2020Mrs. RoppoloSalyers Elementary School•Spring, TX

Thank you so much for your contributions to our classroom! The kids were so excited to open the boxes and help me refill all the “spots”. Crayons, glue, scissors and headphones are such a huge part of our daily classroom life. As I have been explaining over and over in out virtual world these days, it is the daily skill practice that makes the biggest difference in the foundations built in the primary learning years. All of your donations helped make this skill practice fun and…”Supported Replacing What The “Classroom Dryer” Ate… on January 14, 2020Ms. BarberConnie L. Marmaro Head Start•St Petersburg, FL

This is Ms. Tawanda Barber and I am the teacher of the 4 year old class that you all donated materials to. Due to the school closing I am not able to send you photos of my students using the materials, but I just want to say thank you for all your kind donations. With the visual cues of the compound words and rhyming words as well as all the other materials my students were able to grasp the concept of what is being taught. My heart is so full of joy and there are no words to express how…”Supported Oh, the Places We Will Go with Math and Literacy. on January 14, 2020Mrs. MorrisonMartin Luther King Elementary School•Rio Rancho, NM

Before receiving these items, students did not have computer mice, headphones, or mousepads to use with their district ChromeBooks. Some students do not have great coordination to be able to maneuver the touchpad on the small Chromebooks so it was a source of frustration. Other students have sensitization issues regarding noise and were unable to naturally block-out sounds of others’ technology.

Now that we have a class set of headphones and mice, the students can focus on their own…”Supported Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Listening and Clicking Necessities on January 14, 2020Ms. TapiaZenith Accelerated Learning Academy•Kissimmee, FL

Thank you for your generous donations. I am so grateful for people like you who believe in education, and support teachers like myself so that the next generation can be successful and productive in their future endeavors. It truly does take a village and this is proof of that. Again my students and I thank you for your donations.”Supported Hear It! See It! Do It! on January 14, 2020Ms. VigilLoraine T Golbow Elementary School•Katy, TX

I can not thank you enough for everything you have done to make this project happen! My kids will be over joyed with your generosity and willingness to be a hand in our classroom. I can not wait to show you all of the great things we will do with these materials.”Supported STEM the World! on January 14, 2020Ms. Wood’s Tremendous Third GradersLincoln Elementary School•Casper, WY

Thank you so much for the wonderful donation of fidgets to my classroom. The students absolutely loved them. They could not wait to have a chance to use the pencils. At first, I thought to myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” because every single one of my students only played with their pencils including during my teaching time. However, after about two days of this they settled into just using them like regular pencils. Then I could watch as the pencils worked their magic. The…”Supported Fidgets to Function on January 14, 2020Ms. BlackerCentennial Middle School•Montrose, CO

With your generous donations for multiple book sets, I can honestly say the enthusiasm for reading, and surprisingly the attention to care for the books, shot up. Students have checked out the books, and knowing some students are waiting for the titles to be returned, they’ve read, discussed, and have carefully returned them. I think when my students saw the NEW books in pristine condition, they felt honored to be one of the first students to read them, and then wanted to make sure others…”Supported Our Best-Fit Books; Now That’s Something to Talk About! on January 14, 2020Ms. MackWasilla Middle School•Wasilla, AK

We were able to use the books last year, right before Covid hit. The new books were amazing, and the students were excited to use books that didn’t have pages falling out.

I was personally excited because this version of Shackleton’s expedition is written at a middle school level, and the ones I have access to are a really high reading level, so my students would often get frustrated.

Because I didn’t have to ask my school to purchase the books, I was free to ask for…”Supported Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World! on January 14, 2020Ms. ThatcherThew Elementary School•Tempe, AZ

Little did I know when this project was funded that it would be instrumental in providing educational resources to my students during the school closures. Before schools closed in March I was able to use Nearpod to engage my students with in-person lessons that extended our science and social studies curriculum. Nearpod allows students to interact with simulations, participate in virtual field trips and more.

Once schools closed last year, Nearpod provided me with a bank of self-paced…”Supported Next-Generation Education With Nearpod on January 14, 2020Ms. EmlawHarriet Treem Elementary School•Henderson, NV

Thank you in advance for supporting our classroom and eager learners! We look forward to adding these materials into our daily lessons and appreciate your kindness in helping students reach their learning goals! Because of your generosity, we will be able to provide more interactive learning activities to engage students, not only this year, but for many years to follow.”Supported Fill Our Toolbox for Success on January 14, 2020Mrs. Salinas-LopezAtherton Elementary School•Arlington, TX

I am so excited that our classroom project has been funded. I can’t wait to set up the classroom with the flexible seating and see how my students will enjoy every item. They will get so much use out of the seating and be comfortable doing their work. We are overwhelmed!!”Supported Seating for Individual Small Groups on January 14, 2020Mrs. RothVal Vista Lakes Elementary School•Gilbert, AZ

Thank you very much for donating to my project. I can’t wait to share these games and activities with the kids and see their delight while they learn with hands-on materials. I will be able to use these activities with multiple grade levels. I certainly appreciate your generosity.”Supported Launch, Splash, Sort and Match Our Way to Reading! on January 14, 2020Ms. MorelandLaurin Middle School•Vancouver, WA

Thank you so much for contributing to my project, “Let’s Rap It!”. All of my students will love the items and use them often! They are so excited to receive these items! We appreciate your generosity and taking the time to find our project on the donors page. We are fully funded thanks to you!”Supported Let’s Rap It! on January 14, 2020Mrs. WoodPatterson Elementary School•Gilbert, AZ

As the students were beginning their investigation of the area, I introduced the algebra tiles as geometry tools. The manipulatives allowed my diverse learners to get their hands on math as well as see the math concepts.

As you can see in the photos, the students were engaged and were able to grasp the concept of parallelograms and area. On the second day of our investigation, the students asked if they could use the tiles. They said it was easier to understand when they “touched…”Supported Connecting Math with Manipulatives on January 14, 2020Mrs. MillerHillcrest Elementary School•Boise, ID

Thank you so much for your generosity in bringing my project for the Kindergarteners to life. These activities are only possible because of people like you! I cannot wait to share the good news with my students. Thank you for making a difference in so many people’s lives, we have been blessed by you!”Supported It’s All Fun and Games in Kindergarten on January 14, 2020Mrs. YorkMesquite Elementary School•Casa Grande, AZ

Thank you so much for funding my project and believing in our classroom! The students will really benefit from the Dash Robots. We are eager for their arrival and we can’t wait to start using them. Donors like you make it possible for me to prepare my students for their future. Thank you for your contribution and making the world a better place!”Supported Dashing Around First Grade! on January 14, 2020Ms. MillerDavid K Sellars Elementary School•Fort Worth, TX

Thank you so much for your generosity to my classroom projects. These tablets will help enable my kindergartners to work on reading programs as well as math programs. I am so excited that you chose to share your hard earned money with my classroom. My students are so excited! Again, thank you so much.”Supported Tablet Time on January 14, 2020Ms. BarnwellEl Dorado High School•Chandler, AZ

We have only just started to unpack some of the incredible resources you made available stirring the pot of curiosity here at El Dorado High School! Initially, during lock down, I would take pictures and show the different materials as they arrived. I would perform demonstrations using the materials from this project, and now we are planning a day for all the students to come into the lab to continue to unpack and experiment with these amazing resources!

Forensic Science was a blast as we…”Supported Operation Curiosity Starter on January 14, 2020Ms. G.Emerald Elementary School•Broomfield, CO

Thank you to all you wonderful, kind-hearted people! Your generosity will provide our students with a memorable field trip and they are thrilled to learn we are fully-funded. This is a great culminating experience for these 4th graders learning about Colorado History! We can’t wait to share photos from the May field trip.”Supported Gold Fever! 4th Graders Experiencing Mining in Colorado on January 14, 2020Mr. CoffeyHorizon Elementary School•Everett, WA

I am so very grateful for your contribution to making this keyboard lab happen for our students. They are SO excited for your contributions. Your help in purchasing this lab will go a long way in furthering my students love for music. This is an amazing gift. Thanks so much!!”Supported Keyboards for Kids: Empowering Music Learners in the Real World on January 14, 2020Ms. BalaPresident Thomas Jefferson Elementary School•Honolulu, HI

The addition of these new iPads have made such a positive impact in the classroom! Students are engaged and even more excited to do work when they see that it’s their turn to use the iPads. We use them with our Osmo Kits, as part of our center rotations, and fun play! The students care for it so much because it was a gift to our classroom from all of you.

They love the fact that it’s new and it’s another way for them to learn. Not all of them have an iPad at home, so they…”Supported iPads for the Growing Minds of 21st Century Learners! on January 14, 2020Mrs. PortilloPathfinder Kindergarten Center•Everett, WA

Thank you so much for your generosity! These supplies are going to motivate and challenge my students so much more! They already love Play-to-Learn time. Just wait until I tell them all about the new supplies we will be getting that they will be able to work with during center time! They will be so excited. Thank you for the STEM activities, art supplies, puzzles and dramatic play items. We will definitely put these things to good use. Again, THANK YOU so much for supporting our class!”Supported Learn, Share, Be Creative and Build Your Mind on January 14, 2020Ms. Lehman-Kameroff (Mrs. K)Voyager Public Charter School•Honolulu, HI

The students love coding. First, they got to make a code as a class and to move me around the carpet without bumping into any of them. They used iPads and did coding. To use our codable mice, students drew out their plan, then they used materials to make their maze, and next they coded a mouse to go through their maze and they went back to make their instructions or their maze more accurate.

Students used lots of problem solving skills and worked together cooperatively. They had to…”Supported Let’s Code! on January 14, 2020Mrs. MateraTonalea K-8•Scottsdale, AZ

I’m thrilled to announce that the Math and Space project has been fully funded! My students have done a lot of research on outer space while applying their math skills on a variety of topics. With these materials, they will now get to make real world connections to their research. The students will get to build prototypes of devices that could be used on a mission to Mars. They will also use the telescopes along with some volunteers to learn more about what we can see from Earth.”Supported Math and Space Real World Enrichment Unit on January 14, 2020Mrs. WinterBrinton Elementary School•Mesa, AZ

Thank you so much for supporting my classroom. My students were in desperate need of flexible seating options in my classroom. They really love working around the room, and these materials give them that opportunity.

When the materials were delivered, they were delivered in huge boxes. The kids were SO excited to see them! I was just as excited to open the boxes and get started with our new materials!

Today, all of the materials are being used. I have 8 kids using various seating…”Supported Help Make Learning Comfortable! on January 14, 2020Ms. RichJoseph Wheeler High School•Marietta, GA

First let me thank you for your generous gifts that allowed for the purchase of an iPad for our classroom. I apologize for my delay in thanking you all. I assure you my gratitude runs deep and is sincere.

The addition of technology to our classroom could not have been more timely. However, our access to the new iPad was interrupted by the school closing due to the Corona virus. It was locked up for safe keeping until school started back. So, the students finally have access to their new…”Supported i Pads: Provide Accommodations Directly to Students on January 14, 2020Mrs. HaywardAbraham Lincoln Traditional School•Glendale, AZ

The Jr. High girls at our school were so excited to hear that their softball team start-up was funded. We have already had two softball clinics to introduce prospective students to the sport. The equipment was used to have stations in which students hit off a tee into the net, practiced running the bases, practiced throwing and playing catch with all the new balls, and soon we will train a catcher who will get to use their new gear to protect themselves.

The district allows tryouts in a…”Supported Help Start Our First Softball Team! on January 14, 2020Mr. VelasquezEmerald Elementary School•Broomfield, CO

When we set out to create this project, we did so in order to teach the power of persuasive essays. The project was co-created with our students, and they each came up with the reasons for needing new headphones. It was the students that researched the benefits of technology in the classroom, and the students who wrote essays explaining why they would be a great addition to our classroom. Through this project, the kids have seen the true power of their writing, and even how kids can have…”Supported Headphones for 21st Century Learners on January 14, 2020Mrs. EmlingCamelback Academy•Glendale, AZ

I cannot explain how much these seat sacks have improved our classroom life! We are able to keep supplies organized and easy to access from class to class and subject to subject.

When students need to grab a folder, they don’t have to walk across the classroom, they just turn around and get it from their seat. It doesn’t take an hour to distribute workbooks anymore either!

These things may sound simple and unimportant, but for the flow of my classes and classroom…”Supported Organize Our Supplies on January 14, 2020Mrs. Vilma ThomasHickory Hills Elementary School•Marietta, GA

The second I took out our new resources my students were so excited! They couldn’t wait for math to use our new math mates, even if they know the multiplications they wanted to make an array to double check (a reason to use the mate). The same was with our reading and vocabulary, they wanted to take time and pretend to be the teacher and teacher each other new words. I saw my students fully engage and concentrating and able to work through math problems they would normally get student on….”Supported Place Value and Vocabulary in Context on January 14, 2020Mrs. SeguraL O Donald Elementary School•Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for your donation to our project. We performed Aladdin Jr. 2 days before the school because of Covid 19.

Our students LOVED their costumes and the special effects that you helped to purchases. The costumes helped to give our student confidence when performing. The costumes helped the students make their charate come to life.

The smoke machine brought magic to the show. It really enhanced the the Cave of Wonders and the Genie. The candles made the song “A…”Supported A Whole New Musical on January 14, 2020Mr. W. ChavanThomas Jefferson High School @ Edison•Dallas, TX

I can’t thank you enough for your support we are truly grateful that you would help us. This equipment will help in all of our preparations for competitions around the state of Texas so we can be competitive against other JROTC programs who are not facing the challenges we have over the next 3 years. I know (speaking for all of our cadets), many thanks! we are really excited to know that their are people, students, and administrators out there willing and able to help. May the Lord richly…”Supported Patriot Battalion on January 14, 2020Mrs. TuckerMoises E Molina High School•Dallas, TX

Wow! Thank you. This is terrific news for our special education class. We are actually in the process of research jobs and job related qualifications. The students will be so very excited to hear the news. I am sure that this will get them more embedded in improving their researching. Your contribution really means a lot to my students and I and we thank you for you donations. Once again thank you so much.”Supported The Wonderful World of Technology on January 14, 2020Ms. HarmonShadowlawn Elementary School•Naples, FL

Thank you all for your donations to this project. Because of you, I have enough iPads for each child to have there own during class. This is so important this year because of COVID and students not being allowed to share things. Now they can work on assignments and play educational games during center time. I can also teach them how to use Canvas which is what we will be using if we have to go to virtual learning, which I hope we will not have to! None of this would have been possible without…”Supported iPad and iLearn Part 2 on January 09, 2020Ms. MartinezCanales Elementary School•Brownsville, TX

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our project and giving us a comfortable environment. Your donations are much appreciated. My students will definitely appreciate them even more knowing that generous donors like you helped in my class receiving these pillows to help them learn and feel at home in school.”Supported Comfy Learning Pillows on January 09, 2020Mrs. RodgersMorse Elementary School•Poughkeepsie, NY

Thank you so much for donating to my project! Unfortunately, shortly after I received the Chromebooks our school building closed, so my students did not get to use them much. I hope our school reopens in September, because with these Chromebooks, more of my students will be able to utilize technology in our classroom. This will help them to succeed in work and life in the 21st century.

In addition, with these Chromebooks, more of my students will be able to use one of their favorite…”Supported One Book, Two Books, Red Books, Chromebooks on January 09, 2020Mrs. PeckCarbondale Middle School•Carbondale, IL

Thank you so much for giving my students the opportunity to be exposed to more cultures. We will read this book and tie in some history and ethics. I’m so excited that my students are going to have this opportunity. They are so excited to get the new books!”Supported Exposing Kids to New Cultures! on January 09, 2020Mrs. DoraClara Hall Elementary School•Monroe, LA

All I can say is THANK YOU! If it wasn’t for your help, I don’t know if I would have been able to get these items. You are amazing! My kids will love their storage bins! With your help, I can save a little since I don’t have to purchase copy paper. I’m now able to purchase treats for them to take home since I worry so much about them having snacks or something to eat at home.”Supported Storage and More! on January 09, 2020Mrs. BotelhoWaiakea Elementary School•Hilo, HI

We are so thankful for our donors. This year 2020, was a year like no other. We were forced to cut our time in the classroom and move to distance learning. All of the students were looking forward to coming back to our classroom after spring break but unfortunately that did not happen. As always, we made the most of what we got and moved our class to online. After a few days we got the hang of it and it is the new normal for us now. We thank the donors for helping us get the items we needed…”Supported Play + Organization + Flexible Seats = Happy Students 2 on January 09, 2020Coach GunterGlyndale Elementary School•Brunswick, GA

My students and I would like to thank you for supporting us as we continue to work on our fitness skills! The frisbee cans will definitely assist us with accuracy skills and increase engagement with frisbees. Also, my students will have a blast using the longer jump ropes and being able to work in collaborative teams. All supplies in this project will get A LOT of use. Again, we are so appreciative with your support and thank you for funding this project!!”Supported Coach G’s Frisbee and Jump Rope Project! on January 09, 2020Mrs. G.Franklin D Roosevelt High School•Brooklyn, NY

Thank you all so much for contributing to my project. My students were thrilled when I told them that we would be reading novels this spring. Our current book, about social media, is so relevant to them. And it has JUST started getting really good – now I’m trying to keep them from reading ahead and spoiling it for their friends! 🙂 Hahahahah. Oh well, that’s the power of a really good book!

We cannot wait to begin our next novel: La Fiesta Fatal! I am so grateful that all of…”Supported Reading a Full-Length Novel in a Foreign Language? ¡Absolutamente! on January 09, 2020Mrs. SiebelsGouverneur Middle School•Gouverneur, NY

Our project is fully funded! I truly appreciate the support you’ve provided. We’ve been working hard to learn a more “formal” style of writing this year, and we’re ready for a change of pace. With these new materials, students will be able to tap into their creative side and use their imaginations. I KNOW they will enjoy what we’ll be doing. Again, thank you for your support!”Supported The Wonder of Writing on January 09, 2020Mrs. McBrideSteps @ East School•Torrington, CT

My students are benefiting tremendously from the donations in this project. Our students work in the kitchen assisting with making lunch daily. The oven mitts were a necessity. Today we made homemade applesauce in the crockpot. We are going to venture into the world of baking soon and the measuring cups will be most helpful then. The students were present when the goodies arrived and the excitement in their face was so thrilling to see. In fact, the students have become more invested and have…”Supported Chefs in Training on January 09, 2020Ms. LindbergMaui High School•Kahului, HI

This project has had a huge impact on my classroom environment and a lot has happened since we started!

Dustin Swimmerlake was in my classroom fish tank until December 18. At that point he had grown in size and was too large for our tank. So he wouldn’t be alone for weeks over winter break, I moved him to my backyard pond. He loved it there and swam around stretching his fins before diving under a rock structure. The pond is thriving and he is still there. I could not justify…”Supported Classroom Zenscape for Dustin Swimmerlake on January 09, 2020Mrs. PolverariBeachland Elementary School•Vero Beach, FL

Thank you for your generous donations! I have told my students about the Lego’s and they are so excited! Obviously, we couldn’t have done it without you. Check back in to see photos of fun projects done in our media center.

Again – thank you – your donations are greatly appreciated!!”Supported LEGOs – A Media Center’s Dream! on January 09, 2020Mrs. KenworthyGrace A Dunn Middle School•Trenton, NJ

Thank you for your donations to our Physical Education classes. Your generosity has allowed us to receive these two wonderful multi-use nets and a class set of paddles. With these purchases our classes will be able to play pickleball, badminton, tennis and much more. Our students are grateful for the opportunity to play new games that are not available to them outside of school. They are always excited when we have something new and different for them to play with as they get bored of the same…”Supported Order on the (Tennis) Court on January 09, 2020Ms. DamalasCloonan Middle School•Stamford, CT

Thank you so much for your generous donation! There are no words to express the excitement on the faces of all my students when they saw the new desks for our classroom! I was not sure if 3 desks would be enough for my large classes of 30 students, but they are so good with taking turns. Many of my students go all day in academic classes, with no break to move around, and the standing desks have helped them drastically. Students are able to move around while participating in the lesson and…”Supported Stand Up and Learn! on January 09, 2020Mrs. BangsSippican Elementary School•Marion, MA

Thank you so much for providing the funds to purchase such great games for my second grade class. I was able to invite 5 parent volunteers into my classroom, and each small group played a new game. The students were very excited and were eager to see what games the other groups were playing.

I took pictures, but unfortunately ran into trouble trying to upload them onto the page, so I apologize for that.

We are currently not in school due to the pandemic, however, I’m looking…”Supported Board Game Bonanza for Second Grade on January 09, 2020Mrs. ParkerLumberton Senior High School•Lumberton, NC

Because of your thoughtful and generous donations, my students have great quality pencils to use every day in math class. We are also graphing systems of equations and systems of inequalities now in class, so we need good quality erasable pens in different colors. Donor’s Choose has been such an amazing resource for myself and many teachers that I know and work with. Because state and federal funding varies so much from year to year, we never know if we’ll get any help with classroom…”Supported Just the Basics! on January 09, 2020Mrs. ClarkVineland III Head Start•Vineland, NJ

My students and I were so excited to see the delivery of our boxes for our STEM STEM Everywhere project. After we received the order I told my students what was in it and how we would be using them in the classroom. I added the materials slowly to the classroom so as not to overwhelm the students. When they saw a new item added it was the talk of the classroom. We had to set timers so all of the children would have a chance to work with the materials.

My students have gained so much from…”Supported STEM STEM Everywhere on January 09, 2020Mrs. K. RachelLincoln Elementary Magnet School•Albany, GA

I cannot thank you enough for your contribution towards the materials for my children. We look forward to using this kit in our classroom during differentiated small group instruction. Thank you for placing so much value into the education of my children and helping to provide awesome instructional materials to enhance their learning.”Supported Materials for the Hands and Mind on January 09, 2020Mrs. PriceDaphne Middle School•Daphne, AL

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get started with these supplies. I really think having the 3D pens will help students to start thinking outside the box! This is a new thing for me, as well. We are going to learn together. (Which is always a fun way to learn!)”Supported 3D Printing for Rm 220! on January 09, 2020Ms. MeltzerRoyal Palm Exceptional Center•Fort Myers, FL

What a wonderful way to start the new year for our students and what an amazing surprise to me! I had given up hope on this project being funded and cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much for your generous donations, you are truly making a difference in children’s lives!”Supported Cricut Rewards on January 09, 2020Ms. KellieNorth Elementary School•Morgantown, WV

I would like to take a minute to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all your kindness in supporting this project. This project will help fulfill my desire in assisting my students to find their voice through a speech generating device. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity!”Supported Let My Voice Be Heard on January 09, 2020Mrs. JenkinsGuyandotte Elementary School•Huntington, WV

First of all, I would like to thank you for investing in my classroom and the education and well-being of my students. Through your generous contributions, I was able to order balance ball seating for my students which allows them more flexibility in their movement while we work as well as a way to stay focused on the task at hand while being able to expend some pent-up energy through gentle movement.

As each grade level entered my classroom during their scheduled math intervention time,…”Supported Let’s Get Flexible! on January 09, 2020Ms. JonesJefferson Elementary School•Utica, NY

We are loving these materials! We have already started using them during therapy sessions and they have been great tools to work with and learn from! My students love that these materials are hands on and they keep them engaged in the skills that we’re working on.

Your donation to this project has already made a huge impact on our classroom. My students are asking to use these materials from day to day! It makes me so excited when they get excited! Thank you so much for your…”Supported Language Learner Materials on January 09, 2020Ms. JohnstonBenjamin Franklin Elementary School•Binghamton, NY

I cannot thank you enough for your generous donation to my classroom. The math resources that you so kindly donated have helped and will help my students in more ways than you can imagine. Thanks to these resources, my students are able to have manipulatives that give them concrete practice with ten frames. This is essential to their development of foundational math skills. This helps them understand math and build the foundation for future learning. We use these, and will use them when schools…”Supported Ten Frames For Math – A Perfect 10! on January 09, 2020Mr. BergerMyrtle Beach Middle School•Myrtle Beach, SC

My students and I are so incredibly grateful for your generous gift. With your headphones students will increase their ability to be actively engaged and personalize their learning. It is such a relief to have enough for each one of my students. They will be so excited when they receive their gift!”Supported Headphones for Hearing on January 09, 2020Mrs. MaioloCranberry Elementary School•North Port, FL

Thank you again for your generous donations to my project, “Put a Pin In It!” My students were so excited to see the new buttons today! I made buttons to use as incentives for our computer program, IReady. My students earn one every time they pass ten lessons. The buttons look nice and professional! I am happy I can offer these as an incentive for my students to add to their lanyards.

I also let my students design their own buttons today and they LOVED it. It was a fun indoor…”Supported Put a Pin in It! on January 09, 2020Mrs. ZekyTowamensing Elementary School•Lehighton, PA

Our classroom will be over the moon excited about the addition to phonemic awareness toolkits! It will make our word work time so much more fun and engaging!! This will allow my students to have their very own kits, instead of just having having a few to share! Thank you so much!!”Supported Phonemic Awareness Tool Kits on January 09, 2020Ms. BourdierHouma Junior High School•Houma, LA

My students were so excited to receive our Donor’s Choose materials. They have been playing with the games a little each day. It is so refreshing to see them helping each other and encouraging each other even when they think something is difficult. I have one student who kept looking at all the games thinking they were all too hard for him, but before you know it, he was encouraging others to do it.

The students are already seeing the connections between working brain puzzles and…”Supported Bee’s Brain Boards on January 09, 2020Mrs. ClarkMorningside Community School•Pittsfield, MA

Thank you all for your help and support of these much needed resources for my classroom. Being able to move while staying focused on academic lessons is so important.

My students are going to be so excited when they receive these items! We are so grateful for your donation towards our project.”Supported Wobbling and Moving While Staying Focused. on January 09, 2020Ms. BandaDonna Wernecke Elementary School•Mission, TX

First and foremost, I want to say thank you for donating funds to our classroom for this project.

When we received this item in our classroom and my students realized it was from Donors Choose, they were ecstatic. Thanks to gracious donors like you, we have had other projects funded through Donors Choose, so they were familiar with it and couldn’t wait for me to open it!

In our classroom we have a student work display on the wall. Generally, this is where we display student…”Supported Don’t Let My Students’ Masterpieces Drip! on January 09, 2020Ms. SSt Lucie West K-8 School•Port St Lucie, FL

Thank you so much for the kindness you’ve shown by donating the funds necessary for these classroom basics. I am amazed with every project that is funded and by the generosity and selflessness my community has. My students will greatly benefit from these items and we cannot thank you enough.”Supported Classroom Basics Needed on January 09, 2020Dr. C.Colonie Central High School•Albany, NY

Thank you so very much for your generous donation to my classroom. My students are actively creating their new portfolios and are using the markers, rulers and other supplies to engage in student-centered learning.

When my students first had a chance to use these supplies they were excited; in the photos provided you can see students working during their lunch time on an interactive geometry project.

We will continue to use these supplies all year to make learning relevant,…”Supported Making Math Exciting! on January 09, 2020Ms. JoinerBel Aire Elementary School•Gulfport, MS

“I Can’t Stop the Feeling!” It is with sincere gratitude and humble salutations that I say Thank-you for the donations you have provided for my young inventors, scientists, explorers, and engineers! More will be able to utilize imagination and foster creativity to next level. With your donations, students, ages 7-12 won’t be able to ‘stop the feelings’ of excitement and wonder in pursuit of better.”Supported Can’t Stop the Feeling on January 09, 2020Mrs. DillmanNorthside High School•Fort Smith, AR

Thank you so much for your contributions to our classroom!! The students are so excited to be able to explore silicone mold making and 3D printing in our classes (especially 3D Design and Sculpture.) You will never know what a fantastic impact you will make on our students?? Thank you again!!!”Supported A Makers Mold on January 09, 2020Ms. SummersonAtwater Elementary School•North Port, FL

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity! I am extremely grateful, and my students are going to be very excited about this addition to our reading block. These magazines are engaging articles that the students love to read, and will help foster a love for reading. The writing books will be a great addition to our writing block as well. My students enjoy writing and with the added skills book they will be able to write even better!”Supported Engaging Articles to Reinforce Reading, Math and Writing Skills! on January 09, 2020Ms. CrittendenJackson P Burley Middle School•Charlottesville, VA

Thank you for supporting our project! We successfully created, glazed, and filled beautiful pottery with soup for our staff for donations which raised money for our local animal shelter! This project would not have been possible without your support of the materials necessary to bring this project to completion.

Students in grades sixth, seventh, and eight grades worked collaboratively to execute the design of these functional vessels and donated the soup that was served.

Once…”Supported Pottery and Pets on January 09, 2020Mrs. MatthewsMifflin County Middle School•Lewistown, PA

Thank you for donating money to purchase items for our classroom! There are not enough words to express our gratitude. While we are still working to pay for Fluency and Fitness, your generous donations have helped us to receive new mailboxes, a hundreds chart, and social skills stories for us to use while we continue to work on purchasing the Fluency and Fitness Program. Your kindness has helped us on the first step of our journey. We are still working through the free Fluency and Fitness…”Supported We’re Working on Our Fitness…and Fluency! on January 09, 2020Mrs. Karen MilnerKelly Springs Elementary School•Dothan, AL

My students are so very excited to have these novels! Poems are usually difficult at this age, so having the book to actually figure out the meanings is imperative! The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the different poems, working with partners, and even acting out the parts to improve comprehension. Our music teacher even made a few of the poems into songs.

Having access to this novel has allowed the children to finish work outside of the classroom also. At times it is very…”Supported Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Novel Study on January 09, 2020Ms. ParkerElm Grove Elementary School•Wheeling, WV

Thank you so much! My students are so excited to use all of the classroom books! We are excited to build our classroom library and dive into reading. As a first year teacher, I am so thankful for your support and generous donations! My students are excited to use the new materials!”Supported Cozy Up With a Good Book on January 09, 2020Mrs. KeatingJohn F Kennedy Elementary School 7•Scranton, PA

Thank you so much for allowing this project to be a success. It is so important to establish a love of Reading at a young age. These children will know that reading is something that is not only fun to do, but it is also teaching them how to be a lifelong reader.”Supported Books, Books, Let’s Open a Book! on January 09, 2020Mrs. EvansKanawha City Elementary School•Charleston, WV

Thank you for the generous donations. I am very excited to transform my classroom with my new rug. I appreciate your help and the interest you show in my classroom. My students are going to be very excited to have a comfortable place to sit and learn. Thank you for helping me make a difference in my students lives.”Supported Calm and Cozy Classroom on January 09, 2020Mrs. B.Sossaman Middle School•Queen Creek, AZ

Thank you so much for supporting our classroom! Our students appreciate all the help. The books will be used for years to come and will bring so much to the lives of our students. We love what we do and support from the community makes it that much better for all involved.”Supported Help Build Our Classroom Library. on January 09, 2020Mrs. ShiveHorace W Porter School•Columbia, CT

I am writing to you today to tell you how truly grateful I am for the generosity of donors like you that have helped to bring materials to my Free draw area in my Art Room! My students LOVE to explore with these materials when they finish early or when we have a day where we can just have some time to create whatever they want!

They have absolutely loved having access to all the colorful construction paper, markers, scissors, glue sticks and oil pastels! I love how this area is really…”Supported Every Child is an Artist in the Making! on January 09, 2020Mrs. WashingtonMidway Mustang Academy•Shreveport, LA

We did it! I am overjoyed that we have reached our goal. Thank you all for your interest and donations. Knowing numbers and their relationships get students ready for more advanced math. We will be climbing to new heights, solidifying our foundation, thanks to your support. “Ready, Set, Let’s Rek!””Supported Let’s Rek Math! on January 09, 2020Mrs. KendrickCharleston Charter School For Math and Science•Charleston, SC

Thank you so much for your generous donations! My project would not have happened without you. Your contribution will give my students a unique and educational experience they will never forget. I truly believe that this experience will help cultivate environmental literacy and stewardship in my students that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Thank you again!”Supported Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Science Research on January 09, 2020Ms. LeeAlice Boucher Elementary School•Lafayette, LA

Thank you so much, my students will appreciate these notebooks more than you know. My students write so much through out our curriculum that are quickly running out of much needed paper during class. These new notebooks and card stock will assist our learning process in a tremendous way! Again, thank you!”Supported Growing Young Writers on January 09, 2020Mrs. WatkinsValeska Hinton Early Education Center•Peoria, IL

Simply saying ‘thank you’ never seems to be enough! I am truly grateful for the time and resources you have given to me. I love working with these young minds and strive to improve my resources so that I can bring joy while teaching essential communication skills.

‘The ‘work’ portion of my project allowed me to organize my desk and paperwork for easy access. I also make many printed materials with target words or pictures. Restocking my laminating sheets is…”Supported Work and Then Play! on January 09, 2020Ms. CliftonBottenfield Elementary School•Champaign, IL

Thank you so much for your support with this project! I’m so excited (and so are the kids) to have a common meeting ground in our classroom that provides a place to learn, play, and collaborate! The support of the DonorsChoose community is overwhelming and I feel so blessed to know so many people that value public education as much as you do. Thank you again for allowing me to provide a special place for my children.”Supported C is for CARPET on January 09, 2020Ms. GenerosoEast Rock Magnet School•New Haven, CT

I am speechless with the generosity you all practiced in donating to this project. Now my students will have quality headphones to be able to complete important and meaningful assignments. It is because of you that I’ll get to plan more impactful lessons. Not only are the headphones beneficial to having interactive lessons, but we have a number of students who tend to be able to pick up more with listening- so this will also be a great help to those learners.”Supported Listening to Learn on January 09, 2020Mrs. PodolnyDr Edwin Weeks Elementary School•Syracuse, NY

Our students love this buddy reading bench!!! They love it so much that we needed to make a sign up sheet. Before, we had milk crates with pillows on top… So, you can imagine the excitement we all have for this beautiful bench.

My class loves it! But, all my future classes will get the pleasure of reading books with a friend on the bench.

In one of the pictures, my student is pretending to sleep on the bench… That is his favorite thing to do at the end of the day. Have the…”Supported Buddy Reading Bench on January 09, 2020Mrs. SandersBill Hefner Elementary School•Fayetteville, NC

My students and I are so excited about receiving the flexible seating and new rug for our library! It will now become a comfortable place to work and read, as well as, as place for them to go when they are dealing with negative emotions and need a quiet place to use their mindfulness strategies. I am truly grateful for your generosity and for caring about my students and their success. Thank you again!”Supported Classroom Library Makeover! on January 09, 2020Mrs. ReynoldsSpring Creek Elementary School•College Station, TX

Thank you so much for your generous donations to our newest book project. My students are such avid readers this year, and I love being able to put books that they want in their hands. It is all thanks to people like you, who believe in the power of literature, that I am able to give my students high-interest books that they desire for our classroom library. I cannot wait to share the great news with them on Monday! You matter!”Supported We’re Hungry for More (Books)! on January 09, 2020Mrs. SwinehartWest Craven Middle School•New Bern, NC

Thank you so much for helping fund this project. These items will be such a blessing to our classroom. My students can’t wait utilize the flexible seating and fidgets. The tissues and Clorox wipes will help us fight germs and sickness. We are so thankful for your kindness and support!”Supported Classroom Essentials on January 09, 2020Mrs. StoneHenry L Sneed Middle School•Florence, SC

We appreciate your generosity and contributions to our classroom. The cleaning supplies have certainly come in handy in light of the current pandemic. The binders were used to house more curriculum options full of higher-level-thinking, cooperative and interactive activities for students.

The markers were the students’ favorite item. We have dry-erase topped desks, and they LOVE writing out their Math work on the desks with colored markers. It makes learning so much more fun and…”Supported Basic Necessities on January 09, 2020Mrs. SandovalSonoma Elementary School•Las Cruces, NM

Wow! I still can’t believe you all donated cases for our classroom iPads! Thank you so much for doing this for my students and myself. The kids were so excited when we got to open the box and put them on. Everyone was impressed with the cases and how they fold to hold the iPad up and how they had a spot to hold your pencil or stylus. They also of course liked the colors and the hard shells.

You not only helped our classroom, but when COVID hit we ended up having to give out these…”Supported CASES for a Cause on January 09, 2020Mr. JamesCarl Ben Eielson Middle School•Fargo, ND

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity! I am extremely grateful, and my students are going to be very excited about this addition to our classroom. The alternative seating options will be much appreciated and we’ll used. I am so very thankful for all of the continued support from friends and family!”Supported My Kids Want to Wiggle: a Reprise! on January 09, 2020Ms. SchaeferNorth Elementary School•Holts Summit, MO

Having the light table and sensory tub in our classroom has been amazing! Students are engaged, eager to take chances, and increasing their responsibilities while visiting these centers. They are currently using the resources you helped purchase to practice word families and CVC words! The x-ray set is totally their favorite! They LOVE having the opportunity to have control over which color the light table is set on. Thank you again for making my classroom a place where learning does not feel…”Supported Light Up our Life – Part 2! on January 09, 2020Mrs. DunhamEinstein Charter School @ Village De L’Est•New Orleans, LA

It is with the utmost respect that I acknowledge your generosity for funding our Interactive Vocabulary Notebook project. My students continue to work very hard towards meeting their goals to acquire the English language. This donation is a great reminder that all children are deserving.

The project will be used to provide a visual connection to a complex learning process. Though learning is quite different now, we will not waver in our efforts towards making a difference. We look forward…”Supported Interactive Vocabulary Notebook to Inspire English Language Learning on January 09, 2020Mrs. BoyerJoplin High School•Joplin, MO

First of foremost, thank you so much for the resources! The puzzle has already been completed by teachers and students and we have glued it and displayed it in our lab. We just finished our evolution/ ecology unit before spring break so the puzzle arrived at the perfect time! The magnetic graph “paper” is amazing! One of our labs, the “Bald Eagles go Fishing” lab, has the students graph how many fish the simulation eagles catch during three tries over ten days. Prior to…”Supported Time to Liven Up Biology! on January 09, 2020Mrs. FrickPS 59 Dr Drew Science Magnet School – Annex•Buffalo, NY

I want to thank each and every one of you for your donation to my classroom project. These seated desks have made many of my students that have never engaged in learning actually participate and try to work. Having the headphones has also been a huge help for my students on their iPads. They can now focus on why theirs is saying and not distracted by other iPads talking around them. My students have truly benefited from these additional classroom materials! It’s great seeing the engagement…”Supported Let’s Sit and get Techy! on January 09, 2020Mrs. PenlandSallas-Mahone Elementary School•Valdosta, GA

I was lucky enough for this project to be funded before school was out. This project has already changed what guided reading looks like for my students. We’ve been able to use our fancy new boards, markers, and erasers before, during, and after guided reading for a multitude of things.

My students favorite things about the boards is that they are magnetic! We are able to use our magnetic letters on them with our dry erase markers too.

My next project is asking for a gift card…”Supported Writing to Success on January 09, 2020Ms. TomsonBaton Rouge FLAIM•Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you so much for making this project possible. In school we read a lot in science, social studies, and even in math. But nothing that we read is as interesting as with this magazine. With the little time we had so far with our first copy, what an amazing time we had!

We started with an article about French in the world that presented 3 teenagers from 3 cities around the world, one of them being from my home town. We got to read what each of them liked. We then started a conversation…”Supported Excuse My French! on January 09, 2020Mrs. HoweryLincoln Elementary School•Madera, CA

Thank you so much for your donation to my classroom. I could never have guessed when I posted the project, that weeks later I would be teaching from home. The books that were funded were used as read alouds through Zoom and were much appreciated by students and myself. The story is light, fun, humorous and exactly what was needed for the time. Reading stories to my class brought about a small sense of normalcy for all of us.

I look forward to using the books with another group of 3rd…”Supported The Trouble with Chickens on January 09, 2020Ms. HebertRalph Wilson Elementary School•Lake Charles, LA

You’re support and love for my students is overwhelming! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart! You will never truly know how thankful my students and I for your generous donation! It makes my whole heart smile knowing that kind people like you all still believe in our future!”Supported Flexing Our Brains on January 09, 2020Ms. DillinghamMarion Charter School•Ocala, FL


Covid -19 CHANGED EVERTHING IN THE CLASSROOM ! The technology you provided was loaned to a student who did not have a laptop in order to do his school work on when the shut down of all schools began last March 2020. Because of your donations he was able to succeed and take part in online instruction. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE TO THIS ONE CHILD ! Many students can benefit from Donors Choose because they need technology in order to succeed right now in Florida we are offering…”Supported Give Students Working Technology and They Will Soar! on January 09, 2020Mrs. Eaves – ATPE MemberWill Rogers Elementary School•Amarillo, TX

Thank you so much for donating to my class project! My students were so excited to get new activities for morning tubs and indoor recess time. Since we didn’t have a playground this school year due to construction the kids were very grateful to have something differnt to play with. Also, having headphones that work was a huge blessing. There were no more interuptions with “Miss, my headphones don’t work!” The wiggle seats helped my littles who had extra wiggles they needed…”Supported Flexibility in Everything! on January 09, 2020Mr. LubkenService High School•Anchorage, AK

Thank you so much for contributing to this project. This project purchased much needed drum set hardware for my students to use.

The replacement hi-hat stand is great! Our previous stand was bent, and parts of it were broken. This new one holds the cymbals correctly without any metal touching metal like the old one did. That produced a buzz and actually damaged our old hi hat cymbals.

The new drum throne is comfortable and looks great. It is easily adjustable and is a nice addition…”Supported New Hardware for New Drum Set! on January 09, 2020Ms. BalaPresident Thomas Jefferson Elementary School•Honolulu, HI

The addition of these new iPads have made such a positive impact in the classroom! Students are engaged and even more excited to do work when they see that it’s their turn to use the iPads. We use them with our Osmo Kits, as part of our center rotations, and fun play! The students care for it so much because it was a gift to our classroom from all of you.

They love the fact that it’s new and it’s another way for them to learn. Not all of them have an iPad at home, so they…”Supported iPads for the Growing Minds of 21st Century Learners! on January 14, 2020Ms. BatesSouth Warren High School•Bowling Green, KY

We are so incredibly thankful for your kind contribution to this grant which allowed us to put four brand new iPod touches in the hands of students. Not everyone has a personal device, or a device that they can bring to school to use in order to participate in activities that require technology. You have really helped level the playing field in my classroom and I can’t thank you enough!

My artists utilize an individual online art gallery called Artsonia where they post photos of all…”Supported Track Artistic Growth With Technology! on January 09, 2020Mrs. SmallBelfast Area High School•Belfast, ME

Thank you so much for your generous donations to our project Coming Alive Through Video We can really use the iPad stand to work with our Green Screen projects as well as other video projects. We also were in great need for the memory card for our video camera so we can have another option for taking videos longer video.”Supported Coming Alive Through Video on January 09, 2020Mrs. McGuireHeritage Elementary School•Lynchburg, VA

Thank you so much for supporting our project! Students will be able to use these flash cards to help build their fluency and be more confident in math! They will be so grateful for your generosity. Thank you for giving and for helping my students be more successful in math.”Supported Team Math Fact Fluency on January 09, 2020Ms. BrittanyTallahassee School of Math and Science•Tallahassee, FL

We did it! The students and teachers are excited to receive our new headphones, materials cart, and light filters. I told the kiddos we were close to our goals and they cheered, but I can’t wait to see their faces when they hear the great news!

Better yet, I look forward to seeing them enjoying the upgrades to our Computer Lab and reveling in their continued success.

It is all thanks to you!!”Supported A Computer Lab for ALL Learners! on January 09, 2020Ms. VenhuizenMontford North Star Academy•Asheville, NC

Thank you so much! I am so grateful and surprised to be on the receiving end of such kindness from neighbors, family, friends, and complete strangers. I can’t express how much joy my students and I are going to get using this model to draw from! Thank you endlessly! This just confirms that my job is the best in the world! #educationmatters”Supported Drawing Humans! on January 09, 2020Mrs. HamRosewood Elementary School•Goldsboro, NC

My students and I are extremely grateful for the thoughtfulness and support you have given by your donations to our project. Thanks to your giving hearts we will be able to make our classroom that much more special. It is people like you that help make teaching and learning a joy. Thank you for helping us reach our goal!”Supported Independent and Flexible Learning on January 09, 2020Mrs. WonnerBuckeye Elementary School•Salem, OH

Thank you for taking the time to donate to my classroom. I cannot wait to see my kids use the Math Stackers to make their learning come to life. I love to keep the kids involved in their learning as much as possible, and with these Stackers this will be possible.”Supported Building with Numbers on January 09, 2020Ms. ElderBuckeye School of the Arts•Redding, CA

The first grade team here at Buckeye School of the Arts want to all say THANK YOU! Scholastic News brings current events and relevant content to the classroom in such a kid-friendly way. We are able to concurrently teach them language arts and social studies/science topics all while the students are engaged. Engagement can be very difficult, but with these texts, it allows the kids to be interested and actively learning.

The best part about Scholastic News is that every student gets…”Supported Scholastic News for First Grade! on January 09, 2020Ms. Van SyckelAlyce Hatch Center•Bend, OR

My students were able to learn the new and improved system to access their tasks for independent work systems. Independent work systems is a strategy that addresses independence as an essential outcome for students with Autism. A work system, an element of structured teaching, is defined by Division TEACCH as a systematic and organized presentation of tasks and materials that visually communicates at least four pieces of information to the student. The tasks/steps the student is supposed to…”Supported Increasing Independence on January 09, 2020Mrs. SternerWilliam Allen High School•Allentown, PA

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness in donating to our project to bring LEGOS into our science learning! What better way to engage students than bring in a beloved childhood toy into the classroom to enhance learning?

I am more than grateful for Endless choosing my project to double match, which helped get this project funded even faster. It was exciting to see all the notes from donors offering encouragement for the students to learn STEM in a variety of ways.

I look…”Supported Building Science Skills One Block at a Time on January 09, 2020Mrs. AldridgeFred Douglass Early Childhood Center•Sherman, TX

Thank you for your generous donation to Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center project “Table Time”. We LOVE our new table and use it continuously throughout the day.

Recently we had a parent engagement event and it allowed more space for students to work with their families on a art project together. Some of the photos are from our “Night at the Art Museum” event.

Each day this new horseshoe table allows me to work with a group of students and then also to provide…”Supported Table Time on January 09, 2020Mrs. BosticJames B Rolle Elementary School•Yuma, AZ

” Wow, so cool”, was the first reaction of my students when they saw the pencils. It was awe of excitement about having so many pencils. Another student said, ” I think we can make it to the end of the year”.” Just the idea of having so many pencils and not having to ask parents to send them in made everyone happy.

Colored pencils were another excitement as we do “One-Pagers” often and many students do not have any colored pencils. Since we…”Supported Hear Me, Hear Me, See Me Write on January 09, 2020Mrs. FiskMartin L King Junior Elementary School•Tuscaloosa, AL

I’m so excited to learn that my project was just completely funded! My students will be thrilled to have headsets that are sturdy and in good working order. This will make our classroom calmer and much more conducive to learning. To all my wonderful donors, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You have no idea what a blessing you are!”Supported Help My Students Hear! on January 09, 2020Ms. SpencerThelma S Morris Elementary School•Montgomery, AL

Thank you to everyone who supported our project! Before school closed, due to the virus, we were able to print pictures to make Mother’s Day gifts. It was such a blessing to have the new printer as motivation to get the gifts started, and completed, early. This weekend my students’ mothers will have precious gifts from their children thanks to you helping us! These gifts will be precious keepsakes for years to come.

I took the printer home when the school closing first started…”Supported Endless Possibilities for Engaging Hands-on Learning in Kindergarten on January 09, 2020Mrs. Kanesha PattersonVan Winkle Elementary School•Jackson, MS

My STUDENTS are ecstatic over their new classroom resources. Their attention is 100% taken up by these resources. I have noticed a change in their fine motor, gross motor and retention of academic skills. They are really blossoming into top students. These resources will be used for years to come. They have made my job as an educator that much enjoyable. Thank you for your generous donations!I love to inspire my students this is integral to ensuring their success and encouraging them to fulfill…”Supported Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! on January 09, 2020Mrs. WellsW F Killip Elementary School•Flagstaff, AZ

Teachers and students are looking forward to getting back to school for so many reasons. One reason is they know the 3D printers and laptops are there waiting for them to use to design, create, and share their ideas. Before we had to close the school building due to COVID-19, students were able to help unbox the laptops and the 3D printer.

The students did not complain about the old laptops but were singing the praises of the new ones as they were able to open our Lego MindStorm software…”Supported Create, Explore, and More Through STEM on January 09, 2020Ms. WatkinsCentral Middle School•Waterloo, IA

Students in my room have greatly benefited from having these headphones available. Students are able to use the headphones on a daily basis to complete various projects, as well as to create environments that are more individualized and suit the students learning style. My students that struggle with the physical actions of typing have the added ability to use the microphone as a tool for speech to text which allows them to complete their work more quickly, and possibly at all.

Most of…”Supported Let’s Hear it for Literacy on January 09, 2020Mrs. StemUniversity Academy•Panama City, FL

When I first told my students that we were receiving new instruments, they were so eager to find out what we were receiving. When we unboxed them and they saw that we now have our own set of steel drums, they were excited beyond words!

Over the last few days since we have received these drums, we have been learning about different musical concepts that were beyond our grasp previously. We are doing all of this, and creating an atmosphere where students are eager to learn and share with…”Supported Hurricane Michael Cannot “Steel” Away Our Music 2.0 on January 09, 2020Mrs. WhelchelErnest Horn Elementary School•Iowa City, IA

Thank you so much for your donation! My program is so grateful for your donation! My preschoolers will be overjoyed by the options in the classroom. I am so excited to see their faces excitement over our new options in the classroom.

I am so thankful for your contribution to my classroom.”Supported Flexible Seating for Preschoolers on January 09, 2020Mrs. PelletierSylvio J Gilbert Elementary School•Augusta, ME

I cannot thank you enough for your support for not only myself as a teacher, but for the support you have given to my students. Because of you, my student’s experiences at school will be that much more meaningful and long lasting.

The power of books is beyond measurable. One may think that listening to a story is for pure enjoyment, however, the words that make up each story resonate with individuals in very different ways. For many of my students, the books that you helped put into…”Supported Promoting Healthy Self-Regulation & Emotional Control on January 09, 2020Ms. HagoodChestnut Grove Elementary School•Decatur, AL

Thankyou all so much! We are so proud to have such support. I pray these kits will be used to better educate the community and first responders how to interact with people who have special needs. I also hope these kits will support people with special needs in opening up to first responders.”Supported Sensory Kits for First Responders on January 09, 2020Mrs. PauckHoward Elementary School•Medford, OR

The veggie toys you donated became in integral part of our grade k-4 PE program. We played the “Please and Thank You” game while we were at the “Farmer’s Market.” Kids would walk around the gyms on the line and ask the farmers for some fresh produce and everyone would use their manners as they gave and received fruits and vegetables. We also played “Couch Potato Tag” where students would get tagged by the lazy stick, have to sit on the couch (folded up mats)…”Supported Fun with Fruits and Veggies! on January 09, 2020Mr. HITCHCOCKCroton Elementary School•Melbourne, FL

Let me start by saying my students are super thankful for the help in getting these supplies. When i announced that we had a campaign for these ink painting and drawing supplies they were super excited and hopeful we would recieve them. As stated in my campaign we are a title 1 school and are situated in a low socioeconimic area. Some of my students have never had a set of markers other than for school work to explore their expressive self. When i showed the box and we opened it up in class all…”Supported Sumi Ink Paintings on January 09, 2020Ms. TinsonJohn J Flynn Elementary School•Burlington, VT

Thank you all for your help and support. I really appreciate you helping us restock our supplies. It has been a tremendous help this year with students not being able to share materials to have enough for every child. My students have been hard at work practicing their math, reading, writing and spelling. Students and I are especially grateful for the whiteboard markers and erasers so we are able to cut down on the number of materials passed back and forth between teacher and…”Supported Basic Supplies to Inspire Writers, Readers, and Mathematicians! on January 09, 2020Ms. DungeyGrants Pass High School•Grants Pass, OR

The tablets that you have provided for my students help them monitor their fitness. My students look forward to logging in their exercise each day as they come to class. The exercise that they log in is exercise that is performed outside of PE class.

My students are proud of their accomplishments! By sharing with their classmates as they log in, they motivate others to exercise. By providing tablets for our class kiosk, you have helped my students get into the habit of exercising, and to…”Supported TEENS on the MOVE! on January 09, 2020Mr. KaufmannCanyon Springs STEM Academy•Phoenix, AZ

My class is so excited that you helped them to reuse the cameras they recieved from the high school. This is the 1st step in ending the frustration they encountered when it was found we had no way to access or even use some of the cameras due to changes in technology. The 2nd step will be them using the donated equipment from you to revive the outdated but awsome equipment.”Supported Let’s Make Old Technology Useful Again on January 09, 2020Mrs. VincentAlice Beal Elementary School•Springfield, MA

My students are loving the new whiteboards, markers, and erasers. They use them every day, whether it is to work through a math problem, practice their spelling, or just use them for fun during recess. Currently, they mostly use them to draw fraction models to help them with our unit on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. They love using these clean, uncracked whiteboards. The erasers are fantastic. We no longer have to waste tissues to erase them!

When my students first saw the boxes,…”Supported Math-Nificent Work on January 09, 2020Mrs. CvengrosLiberty High School•Youngstown, OH

My students and I had big plans for this project for teacher appreciation day on May 5, 2020. We never would have imagined that we would have to celebrate this day from home. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to put these materials to use the way we had imagined. We planned to surprise our staff with special treats throughout the week by delivering them on the cart. Rather than letting the treats go to waste (they expired before the end of the school year), we delivered them to students in need…”Supported A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way! on January 09, 2020Ms. MartinMay Howard Elementary School•Savannah, GA

It was like Christmas morning in my room! My kiddos are so excited about the new tablets, mice, and computers. They are utilizing the tools daily in their centers and are so much more productive.

They are so engaged in reading on the devices with programs like Teach My Monster to Read, learning math on Zearn, and they now love doing digital word work activities. The Lap tools make center rotations so much more productive and engaging while teaching them essential handwriting skills….”Supported Increasing Technology Awareness on January 09, 2020Mrs. Behenna GriffithNye Early Childhood Center•Santa Fe, NM

I am so excited that our classroom atelier was funded! I will have time to set up the atelier in time to start our school-wide art unit beginning in February! I am also excited that my students will have access to natural art mediums! Thank you so very much!”Supported Developing the Language of Art on January 09, 2020Mrs. GraciaMt George International Elementary School•Napa, CA

We received our new class set of Fish in a Tree novels today, and my class is SO EXCITED to start reading! I gave them a little taste as we were waiting for our shipment to arrive by listening to the first three chapters.

I, too, am excited to start reading this novel with my students. I’ve purchased some materials on Teachers Pay Teachers to support our reading, which will help guide the students through their reading. I’m hoping the discussions and observations we have will…”Supported Making Connections to Characters Just Like Us on January 09, 2020Mrs. KuiperGreat Lakes Elementary School•Holland, MI

Originally, students were so excited to open the boxes and think about the possibilities of working with the electricity snap circuit sets. We had used them during a field trip so students had just dabbled in figuring out how things worked. The room buzzed with curiosity and delight as students recreated the circuit that they had experienced before and a few bold souls ventured to attempt to create new circuits. There were great plans being made….then the shut down from COVID hit and the…”Supported STEMsational Creativity and Critcal Learning on January 09, 2020Mrs. A.Piedmont Elementary School•Duluth, MN

My heart is so full today. I promise to take care of the materials you so generously donated towards, and to pass it on to future educators when the time comes for me to leave the classroom. I also vow to pay it forward to another classroom. Your donation did so much more than just provide us with a sturdier, bigger, and better classroom mailbox; you taught the kids that people from everywhere genuinely care about them, their education, and think they deserve the best. That is the best lesson…”Supported Forever Mailboxes! on January 09, 2020Mrs. EardleyPenn Lincoln Elementary School•Altoona, PA

I cannot begin to tell you how much your generosity has impacted my students in a positive way. The very first day when the BOXES arrived in my classroom, the students were curiously asking what was inside them! That evening after school I put together the Wobble chairs so they would be ready for the next school day. I teach small groups of students throughout the day, so every time a new reading group of students came in, I got to relive the excitement with them! They had so many questions!!…”Supported Wobble Wobble! on January 09, 2020Mr. WalljasperEast High School•Des Moines, IA

Thank you so much for your support of East High Robotics and funding our Hummingbird products. The materials allow students to have success instantly, but are sophisticated enough to challenge all students.

Unfortunately with the state of the world, I didn’t get much of a chance this year to use the materials with students at East High, but my daughter and I at home have been exploring their capabilities so when we do return to school I’ll be able to hit the ground running….”Supported EH Robotics on January 09, 2020Mrs. SmithJonesboro Vpa Magnet School•Jonesboro, AR

Thank you so much for funding the rest of the amount for my classroom and their needs! We are so excited to get our rolling cart and start using it! Your generosity is very appreciated! Thank you again and we look forward to using it very, very soon! Take care!”Supported Rolling Into Reading on January 09, 2020Ms. ZunigaFrost Elementary School•Jackson, MI

Because of your generosity, my students will be able to have the materials they need to be successful in their ability to become better readers. These donors are heroes to my students. Their world is changed because of the kindness of these donors. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!”Supported That’s What Good Readers Do! on January 09, 2020Ms. HendersonFoothills Middle School•Wenatchee, WA

Thank you so much for your support in my classroom! A number of my students who have a lot of the tired, worn, scratched up guitars will be so happy! The last set of guitars has lasted for at least twenty years, and I anticipate these guitars to last at least that long, impacting numerous students in their pursuit of musical knowledge.”Supported Time for a Refresh on January 09, 2020Ms. CoatsDetroit Community Elementary School•Detroit, MI

Our project has been funded by you all! Thank you to all, we are grateful for the items. My class is excited to receive our DonorsChoose delivery. We are counting down the days! This would have not been possible with the help of you all. Thank you for your support!”Supported Kindergarten Math Whizz on January 09, 2020Ms. MichelleJohnson Elementary School•Charlottesville, VA

Hello! I hope this finds you well. I just want to say

thank you so much for giving us this amazing space to do our small groups. The kids were super excited to not be on the floor anymore and they loved having space of their own! I’ve already set up the space behind it perfectly so that no learning time is lost. It means sooo much to me that you have been sooo generous. I could never thank you enough!

This table will provide countless number of kids learning time over many…”Supported Help Give the Super Sloths a Small Group Space on January 09, 2020Mrs. VasquezNorte Vista High School•Riverside, CA

Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help our classroom. It is during difficult times like these that I am humbled by great people like you, who chose to contribute to the education of our future generation.

Our class set of “The Lord of the Flies” allowed my students the opportunity to engage with a classic text and explore the role that structure and laws have in our culture, as well as the obstacles we face when people choose not to abide by those expectations. In…”Supported Inspiring a Love for Literacy, Part 2 on January 09, 2020Mrs. LoringSteuben Elementary School•Kankakee, IL

Thank you so much for donating towards our classroom project! When the art supplies first arrived we gathered on the carpet as a class to open the boxes. The students were ecstatic to see all of the paint, play dough, and other art supplies.

We began using the art supplies immediately. A favorite student activity is to use the play dough to spell our sight words. The students take the play dough and make the shape of the letter from the dough.

We plan to use the paint to create…”Supported Art in Learning on January 09, 2020Mrs. ZollBrandywine Elementary School•Niles, MI

I truly cannot put into words how thankful my students and I are for your generosity and help ensuring our technology – Ipad – is protected and has a keyboard option for the students. Since returning to in-person learning this fall, the Ipad has been dropped numerous times, but due to the protective case the Ipad was not impacted. And the students and I were able to talk about how accidents happen, about how important it is for us to be safe, just like having a protective case on our Ipad helps…”Supported Help My Students Protect Their Resources and Increase Their Efficiency on January 09, 2020Mrs. VinzantRochelle School of the Arts•Lakeland, FL

My heart swells with gratitude at your generosity. Thank you so much for believing in my students and giving me the opportunity expand their education! These iPads will used daily for research, review, reading, and so much more. My current students along with my classes to come will benefit from this project being funded.”Supported Technology, Creativity & iPads on January 09, 2020Mrs. LesterUniversity School•Johnson City, TN

Thank you so much for your generosity to help this project become a reality. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to use these items yet, due to school closures. I have big plans for using these items next school year! I am so excited for the upcoming 5th grade students and 5th grade students in years to come to have access to these amazing resources. I requested these items as earlier finisher items for students who finish assignments early and need engaging activities to extend on their…”Supported I’m Done, So Now What? on January 09, 2020Mrs. BendlinNathaniel Hawthorne School 25•Rochester, NY

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I started this project to help improve organization in my classroom, but due to district budget factors, I was let go. Thankfully my co-teacher stepped up and carried out our plan. The students were so excited to see the drawers and to be able to organize all of their materials. The first day they arrived, students were begging to help put them together.

Once they saw the bright, vibrant colors, they were so excited to claim a drawer for…”Supported Organize Our Space! on January 09, 2020Ms. ParkerLincoln Street School•Worcester, MA

Thank you so much for donating to my classroom. My students will benefit from your generosity. We will have stats testing in a few months and these will be instrumental in their success on these difficult tests. All you are amazing people for helping my students. Thank you for your kindness.”Supported Let’s Get Focused on Technology on January 09, 2020Ms. SimsOak Grove Lower Elementary School•Hattiesburg, MS

Thank you so much for your generous support! I can’t wait to tell my students that our project has been funded. They will be so excited! Your support will make learning in our classroom so much easier! We are so ready to begin coding our robots. Thank you again!”Supported Help Us Get an iPad! on January 09, 2020Mrs. CompeanDishman Elementary School•Beaumont, TX

Thank you so much for all of your support! My students are going to be so excited to finally have some reliable headphones to use on the computers and tablets. They will be able to grow even more in their reading levels with these tools for their education. Once again I am so grateful for your support.”Supported Headphones for Technology! on January 09, 2020Mr. McCauleyNorthwest Middle School•Reading, PA

Thank you very much for your generous donation. The speakers have made a huge impact on our classroom and lessons already. It truly is amazing what a difference it makes when students can clearly hear the instructions, lessons, videos, and music.

We have already used them for one incentive and plan to use them for every incentive to come. In my physical education class, I use music to transition from station to station and circuit to circuit. With the routine being able to be heard and…”Supported Pro Speakers on January 09, 2020Mrs. BunnBench Elementary School•Billings, MT

Thank you for your extreme kindness and generous donations. My students could hardly handle waiting to open the packages when they arrived. As soon as they saw the thin expo markers, they started dancing around the room. They couldn’t believe that someone would send them the thin ones to use with their Kicking It! math program. They immediately asked if we could do Kicking It! even though the packages arrived during their reading time. Once we completed our Kicking It! timing, they had to…”Supported Supplies for to Enhance Our Special Education Abilities on January 09, 2020Mrs. LittletonOak Mountain Elementary School•Birmingham, AL

I am so very thankful for your contribution to my classroom! The books I was able to buy with the funds filled our room with meaningful conversations and learning opportunities surrounding social skills, interacting appropriately with others, and problem-solving when emotions are high.

Since beginning to use them in direct social-emotional lessons, I have watched my students use some of the same language and actions presented in the books to better navigate difficult scenarios with one…”Supported Social-Emotional Learning – We’re Readers and Leaders! on January 09, 2020Ms. SluderNorth Greene Middle School•Greeneville, TN

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our project. My students are going to be so excited to receive these items for our Science classes. This project will motivate my students and encourage them to participate in class. It will give them the opportunity to get out of the textbook and into real-life experiences. Thank you again for your help in this mission.”Supported Create…and Soar With Science on January 09, 2020Ms. PedregonEastwood Middle School•El Paso, TX

Thank you so much for helping me acquire these materials to prepare for one of the end of the year projects-Gear Up to the Next Level. It allowed my students to work together and create the important factors of moving on from middle school to high school. The thinking process generated lots of impactful questions and allowed me to teach the importance of hard & soft skills, and taking interest assessments to plan ahead. Again thank you for all your generous donations and help in funding my…”Supported 2020 Future Leaders on January 09, 2020Mrs. BuffingtonHoward B Stroud Elementary School•Athens, GA

Thank you so much for the binders and dividers for them. Our school district started using Lucy Calkins’ writing program this school year as a whole. I needed a better organizational system for writing. To start with, the students were using pocket folders to keep up with all of their writing. The problem with that was papers were loose and ended up everywhere. I decided that if I used three ring binders and dividers for each of the writing units it would help the students keep better…”Supported Lucy Calkins Organization! on January 09, 2020Ms. McWethyPost-Franklin Elementary School•Battle Creek, MI

I cannot express my gratitude for your donation to my classroom for their literacy center. It was unfortunate timing that we didn’t receive our books until March 13th, which was the last day of school for us due to the Corona Virus safety regulations being put into effect. Although everything on that day was so rushed, I did have my students open the boxes, and as you can see on their faces, they were thrilled with all of the choices. I was unfortunately unable to get thank you notes…”Supported An Auditory Learner’s Dream Come True! on January 09, 2020Mrs. Kay JacksSaks Middle School•Anniston, AL

You generosity in purchasing the Dr. Seuss books, and pencils allowed for me to create a fun and engaging lesson focusing on the different parts of speech. Students read a Dr. Seuss book of their choice and went on a scavenger hunt.

While on their scavenger hunt; they located nouns, adjectives, adverbs, coordinating conjunctions and many other parts of speech. After students located their parts of speech, using their special and magically Dr. Seuss themed pencil, students drew a their…”Supported Dr. Suessing the Parts of Speech on January 09, 2020Ms. NobleSummersill Elementary School•Jacksonville, NC

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our project. The students were so excited to open the boxes and get started. I just let them explore at first, and I kept hearing, “how did you make it do that,” and “wow, cool.”

Our next step is to use the robots in our upcoming space unit. The students will be using the bee bot to code/visit the planets in order, to lift off, and to safely return to earth. The code and go mouse will be used to code our way through the…”Supported Coding Our Way To Learning on January 09, 2020Mr. SwalWestwood Middle School•Gainesville, FL

We did it the students of Westwood middle school will now be able to make their dreams and ideas come true! I thank you all for contributing to the purchase of this 3D printer!

I am stunned at your generosity, caring and love for the students at Westwood middle school in Gainesville Florida

Again,thank you!”Supported Making Dreams Through 3D Printing on January 09, 2020Mrs. Garcia SanchezWashington Shores Elementary School•Orlando, FL

Thanks for helping me get these wobbling chairs for my students. I appreciate each and every contribution to made this possible. These past days, since we received the donation, I’ve noticed how motivated are my students to complete work and be focused while in task. Not only they have learned to share the 6 wobbling chairs, but also they have been more focused overall. They help each other when upset and guide each other towards the use of the wobbling chair as a coping mechanism. Thanks…”Supported Wobbling Our Way to Success on January 09, 2020Mrs. BoehlerLost Creek Elementary School•Terre Haute, IN

Thank you so much for your generous donation and helping fund “Math Games Make Center Time a Blast!” The mathematical kits have already been implemented into our daily center time. Students enjoy the hands-on experience of reviewing various mathematical skills. In addition, it allows peer interaction and cooperative learning.

As a teacher, I find that students gain so much more from an actual game or activity versus a worksheet. The durability of the kit activities ensure many…”Supported Math Games Make Center Time a Blast! on January 09, 2020Mrs. McDonaldRichard Murphy K-8 School•Dorchester, MA

I am so grateful for the contributions you all made to our project! Just last week I was trying to think of ways to raise the rest of the money myself so as not to burden the families of my students. You all really came through for us!!! Looking forward to our 6th grade/family trip to see “Bud, Not Buddy” on stage.”Supported Bringing “Bud, Not Buddy” to Life! A Family Event! on January 09, 2020Ms. LewisConnally Elementary School•Waco, TX

Thank you again for supporting my classroom with the supplied necessary to make my classroom function and a positive learning environment. When the rug came oh my goodness the look on the kids face and the staff was priceless, because they were like can i sit on it, or oh it is so pretty. The kids have been wanting to do their activities on the carpet because they just love the bright colors and how it just brings so much colorful joy to the classroom. Far as the office supplies I am very…”Supported Successful and Plentiful Leaders in Our Community! on January 09, 2020Mr. GibsonCentral High School•Macon, GA

I am so excited to address all of the generous patrons for their donations of love and support to such a great cause. We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who were able to join our vision of the modern-day classroom. We certainly anticipate great things to come with your spark and continued support to grow this program to higher heights.”Supported Studio Ready!! on January 09, 2020Ms. MitchellSpecial Education Preschool @ Richardson Center•Bakersfield, CA

While time was running down, I was thrilled to learn my proposal received full funding. It will be wonderful to provide a variety of sensory materials, as well as some dramatic play costumes in future lessons with my preschool children. With great anticipation I will look forward to seeing my students enjoy exploration and movement as they use these new items. Thank you for your support and generosity!”Supported Amplifying Play for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschoolers on January 09, 2020Mrs. BergeronCass Lake-Bena Elementary School•Cass Lake, MN

My students are using the new snow toys and hats and mittens that were donated to have fun and play outside when we go out for recess.

They are so excited to be able to have these new toys for the snow! More of my kids are now able to play outside in the snow and get fresh are and exercise each day with the hats and mittens that were donated!

Thank you again for supporting my students and for supplying the much need materials so they can be active and warm outside!””Supported Healthy, Active, Winter Play! on January 09, 2020Mrs. EarlesHarding Ave Elementary School•Blacksburg, VA

Words cannot express how thankful I am for this! Although I am away from my students at this time, I am so excited to be using the Ozobots with my new second graders next year! This year didn’t end the way any of us anticipated, but we will be stronger because of it!”Supported Let’s Code With Ozobots! on January 09, 2020Mrs. TaylorRoanoke Academy Math & Science•Roanoke, VA

Thanks so much for your donations to my project!! My students will greatly benefit from the materials that will help them become better writers. The funding could not have come at a better time since they are in desperate need of these materials to better prepare them for their journey into the fourth grade.”Supported Let’s Write! on January 09, 2020Mrs. GibbonFairfield Area Elementary School•Fairfield, PA

Thank you so much for your contribution to new books for my classroom. Though this year I am teaching fully virtually, I know that these resources will be engaging and motivating to my young readers when we are all able to safely return to the school building. Due to Covid-19, this school year poses new challenges, but thankfully these books will be ready and waiting when things go back to normal.

The books I received through this project cover a variety of genres and have vivid pictures…”Supported Leveled Books for Eager Readers! on January 09, 2020Mrs. PippJefferson Elementary School•Sheboygan, WI

A very sincere thank you for supporting our students through your generous donation to this project. We recognize the need for students to be involved in their learning through more hands-on and play-based approaches. Seeing this project come to life is very exciting and I know will benefit our students academic and social skills. Thank you again for your contributions.”Supported Multipurpose Games for Play in the Classroom on January 09, 2020Ms. Brittany MorinDel Mar Elementary School•Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you so much for supporting out classroom!

These supplies allow my students to work on fine motors skills, following directions, making choices and requesting. We build communication skills, physical skills and social emotional skills while we work on art projects. I also use these materials to make visuals and tasks for my students, such as color matching games for our small groups and posters for the classroom.

Without these materials my students would not be able to get the…”Supported Art for All! on January 09, 2020Mr. MinceyPotter Elementary•Tampa, FL

Thank you for your generous donations. I’ve already assembled a team of school staff to assist me in implementing The CODE for a Successful Future program. And I’ve introduced the program to the 5th graders at my school. After a month of programming with, the students will be introduced to coding the robots. This gives the team time to acclimate ourselves with the robots and develop a plan of instruction that meets our students needs and desires. By March, the…”Supported The CODE for a Successful Future on January 09, 2020Mrs. HarthorneShirley Hills Elementary School•Warner Robins, GA

Thank you so much for your donations for our Osmo kits. My students used these during our Intervention and Extension time. Students used these in a rotation to work on interventions of letters or extension of spelling with the letters to meet them where they are in their learning. When my students first saw the Oslo kits, they got so excited! They were very engaged and interested in how to use them as we learned to work with them together. They couldn’t wait to explore with them on their…”Supported Keeping Them Learning Through Digital Fun on January 06, 2020Mrs. AndersonKolb Elementary School•Bay City, MI

The generous gift of basic supplies of paper, pencils, bookmarks, paper and so much more are items that set up our to jump right into learning! We are able to focus knowing we have what it takes to be successful! Simple but yet so appreciated as many students come to school without these supplies.

Our classroom budgets don’t always stretch to the end of the year. We feel replenished and ready to take on a new day of learning thanks to you! We thank you for your generosity and…”Supported Write on Track with the Basics on January 06, 2020Mrs. HalfordLamar Elementary School•Wichita Falls, TX

My goodness I’m so excited to see the email about this project being fully funded. Right before Christmas break, I realized our classroom tables that I gathered, sanded, and painted the summer of 2018 were on their last “leg”. Many were becoming wobbly with loose legs and sagging leaves because they were never built to withstand 300+ excited little artists. I knew I had to do something so I measured and researched until these large flower shaped tables were discovered. They…”Supported Pedal Power STEM Time, Part 2 on January 06, 2020Mrs. PeterkaTech High School•Saint Cloud, MN

Thank you so much for your donations to my classroom. My students are so eager to learn and it is so nice to give them something new! They really enjoy when I get a package and tell them who sent it and what they gifted us.

With these dictionaries my students will be able to practice looking up words they do not know what they mean. We read many novels in this class and there are many words that are new to them. With the dictionaries that are tailored to English Learners the language…”Supported Dictionaries for Language Learners on January 06, 2020Ms. SanchezMount Rose K-8 School•Reno, NV

Thank you for your generosity! We are super excited. I know we have a future scientist in the Class of 2027. These materials will give all students the opportunity to explore Life science in an engaging way. You have planted a seed with your donation to make anything possible. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.”Supported Plant the Seed for the Next Generation, Grow and Cultivate! on January 06, 2020Ms. CrowleyCasco Bay High School•Portland, ME

We’re fully funded thanks to you! Our salmon eggs will be delivered from the hatchery in the next couple of weeks. My students and I can’t wait to raise salmon in our classroom over the next several months. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on their progress.”Supported Restoring Wild Atlantic Salmon on January 06, 2020Mrs. MarwedelCelia Clinton Elementary School•Tulsa, OK

These centers have been so fun for the students to learn skills for reading and writing. They were so excited when I pulled a new games out to show them. They are really enjoying being able to build new words, finding sight words, using the pens at help them learn their blends and digraphs. They love to see the lights turn on and the sounds the pens make as they try to find the right answer. I cannot express how grateful I am to be able to give these students fun and interactive centers that…”Supported Reading Centers Made Fun! on January 06, 2020Ms. AndinoMonaview Elementary School•Greenville, SC

This news came RIGHT on time! This project is now FULLY funded and I cannot express with words how thankful I am for your donation to my classroom.

It has become evident to me over the last several months that our building is a refuge for many of our students. With your support, The Innovation Lab at Monaview has quickly become a space for students to escape, while exploring new perspectives and areas of study.

With hands-on activities like Snap Circuits, learning feels a lot more…”Supported Oh Snap! MES does EET again! on January 06, 2020Mrs. BrownBellview Elementary School•Pensacola, FL

Thank you so much for donating to my “Tantalizing Technology” project. The addition of these books to our library has sparked a renewed interest in technology among my students.

The set is called, “Developments in Technology/From Then to Now.” Because of this perspective, I have been able to teach various lessons comparing and contrasting present and past technology. I have also been able to teach lessons on tracking the development of different types of technology. My…”Supported Tantalizing Technology on January 06, 2020Mrs. LingleNorthwest Elementary School•Lebanon, PA

We have already begun to use the materials, you have so generously donated! During our Independent Reading period, where students are expected to read quietly, children are eager to read with the whisper phones and flashlights. The flashlights add even more excitement, as students are able to read with the classroom lights off… a mind-blowing concept for five-year-olds!

I unboxed these packages in front of the class, as students shouted “Ooos and Ahhs” in excitement! While I…”Supported Improving Reader Engagement on January 06, 2020Mrs. BraatzNortheast WI School Innovation•Green Bay, WI

Thank you so much for donating to my project, Sew Your Way to Success. The students have loved using the new sewing machines to make some hand warmers and a quilt tile pillow. The sewing machines were such a blessing to our students who, coming into the sewing unit, were afraid to even touch one because they thought they would hurt themselves.

When the students first saw the sewing machines, they were awestruck because they are not used to getting new things for just them to use. Prior to…”Supported Sew Your Way to Success! on January 06, 2020Ms. MeganWoodsedge Learning Center•Kalamazoo, MI

I am overwhelmed with you generosity! My students will be so excited for our new materials and I cannot wait to start using them in the classroom. Thank you again for donating for my students! By your generosity, we will be able to work on skills that will last them a lifetime.”Supported Emotional Growth and Social Skills… Oh My! on January 06, 2020Ms. TaylorNeithercut Elementary School•Flint, MI

Well the school year ended up looking way different than any of us could have predicted. Our school has worked really hard to contact with all of our families on a weekly basis, both for academic support and emotional/resource assistance. I have been able to provide social and emotional lessons on Google Classroom for students I had talked about in my initial project request. AND, I have incorporated some of the books I received from this project into my lesson topics.

Before the schools…”Supported Learning About Our Emotions as Kids! on January 06, 2020Mrs. RollieRiverside Central Elementary School•Rochester, MN

My students were beyond thrilled when I was able to tell them this project was funded. Your donation to this project is so generous. My students have been working so hard to earn money and are working even harder to learn how to count the money they have earned. It has been such a joy watching them grow and develop this life long skill that they will take with them into their work place and everyday life.

When my students saw all the incredible things they could buy with their money they…”Supported Building Needed Life Long Skills and Good Habits! on January 06, 2020Ms. T.Fayetteville St Elementary School•Durham, NC

Due to COVID-19 my students were only able to use the materials from this project for a short while before school closed. During that time the students loved using the materials during indoor and outdoor recess. When we go outside for recess, there is no play structure for the students to play on and we have to bring what materials we had outside. Students spent time running around, throwing balls or playing with bubbles. Now that we have new outdoor materials, students are learning to play…”Supported Building Fine and Gross Motor Skills Through Play on January 06, 2020Mrs. HernandezWashington Elementary School•Eureka, CA

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity! I am extremely grateful, and my students are going to be very excited about this brand new addition to our classroom. STEM (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics) is very engaging to our students and definitely fitting for our next generation of citizens in the working community. The students are going to have so much fun working to complete projects and design and build amazing structures. Thank you again.”Supported STEM Materials for Hands-on Engagement! on January 06, 2020Mrs. CrappsGreen Charter School-Spartanburg•Spartanburg, SC

My students were so excited to receive their manipulatives! They have been working on letter sounds, matching, and bending words! Their favorite item is the Popsicle uppercase and lower case letter match. They are so excited every time they get to play! They will continue to use these materials in various ways as they increase their skills of letter identification and blending. The sandpaper letters and sight word readers are amazing as well! The ability to use kinesthetic learning with visual…”Supported Manipulative Mania Makes Reading Fun and Engaging on January 06, 2020Mrs. KernNorthwest Penn Collegiate Academy•Erie, PA

Yesterday, I received the last of my packages from this project. It was like Christmas day all over again! I immediately got to work trying out the new technology and creating more polished resources with the binding materials. I am so grateful that you all took the time to look at my project. Then you donated, too! To be able to have support and resources to grow my part of the music department is something I do not take for granted. I have spent many years scraping together resources and…”Supported New Year, New Tech! on January 06, 2020Ms. AcostaCameron Dual Language Magnet School•Odessa, TX

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t say thank you enough times to express our appreciation. My students have been anxiously waiting for the Apple Pencils and are so excited about using them to show their thinking in Math. Your generosity and willingness to support our project are greatly appreciated. Thank you.”Supported An Apple Pencil a Day Keeps the Teacher at Bay! on January 06, 2020Mrs. MaloneySW Early Childhood Center•Jefferson City, MO

I am so thankful for the opportunity to put these additional Osmo sets into the hands of my students. I plan on having these Osmo Little Genius and coding sets embedded in the rotation stations my students complete. My kiddos will be thrilled to learn these materials are on their way! Thanks again!”Supported Code, Collaborate, and Create! on January 06, 2020Ms. PfisterSwansboro Elementary School•Richmond, VA

I can not thank you enough for all of the support you’ve provided me! This PD experience that I attended (because of you!) was more that I could have imagined! I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded educators from across the country. Each day, we engaged in hands on learning that allowed us to explore and grow together as we shared our experiences as professionals. I learned innovative and exciting new ways to apply coding and computer science to the SOLs across the…”Supported Coding as a Playgroud on January 06, 2020Mr. LeisMiami Valley Academies•Dayton, OH

Thank you to everyone that helped make this project successful. My students will truly benefit from these materials for years to come. The new STEM materials will really help them understand why simple machines make doing some jobs easier. I am still at a loss of words from everyone’s generosity for my students. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”Supported Space, Simple Machines and Hockey on January 06, 2020Mrs. CallejasSouth Ward Elementary School•Longview, TX

I am beyond excitement!! My students are going to be ecstatic with the news tomorrow morning whenever I give them news!!! I can’t describe the happiness…so grateful for each one of you that took the time to read and donated to our project. I am blessed beyond measured”Supported Reading To Bridge Our Giant! on January 06, 2020Mr. L.Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets High School•Los Angeles, CA

Technology can help with these projects and skills. Students can create things such as web sites, blogs, and multimedia presentations as part of their project. They can use the web for research and as a resource. Technology has the ability to enhance relationships between teachers and students. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. Students are also able to collaborate with their own classmates through technological applications.

What is most exciting about…”Supported Technology – Reading and Looking Cool! on January 06, 2020Ms. SpeidelConcord High School•Concord, NH

Thank you for your generous donation. The team was not able to actually use the computers because of the timing of their arrival and the pandemic. Once schools are open and clubs are allowed to meet again, the team’s CAD team will be using the computers to teach new members to CAD. This is the first step in creating a competition ready robot. Students are given new parameters each year and are expected to create a robot within those restrictions that is able to complete many tasks. This…”Supported Solidworks Computers on January 06, 2020Mrs. DeweyRobert Frost Elementary School•Sioux Falls, SD

Wow!!! Thank you so much to all the donors of this project. My students will be thrilled to learn they will be receiving this new classroom rug. Your generous donations will give encouragement to students who are deserving for all their hard work. This rug will provide an alternative seating option during centers and throughout the day. Again, thank you for choosing to donate your dollars to my kind and caring students!”Supported Creating Comfort and Coziness in the Classroom on January 06, 2020Mrs. RamosMerlo Institute Environ Tech•Stockton, CA

Thank you so much for your donations. You have helped me put smiles on faces of students that have an interest in music and when they approached me with the idea of starting a Mariachi Group they were all very excited. As we got closer and closer to the fully funded stage, they would begin asking about when we will schedule practice days and what time will we have our practices.

When our project was fully funded, I invited them all to come into the class after school. I wanted them all to…”Supported Building Dreams With Mariachi Music on January 06, 2020Mrs. RanardGrant Elementary School•Cedar Rapids, IA

This has definitely been a year to remember with everything going on in our world. Our materials that you so generously donated towards, arrived to our school about 2 months before we left for Spring break and never returned. My students were so excited to get everything. Since it didn’t all come at the same time it was like Christmas each day something arrived in our room. The day the cart came I had so many helpers who put it together with me! They were so proud of themselves for what…”Supported Leap Into Learning on January 06, 2020Mrs. DanielsVivian Riddle Elementary School•Lansing, MI

Thank you for supporting my classroom. My students were very curious when our Dyson Air Purifier arrived. They wanted to know all about what is was and how it works. We discussed why we needed an air purifier and they agreed that it will be good for all of us to breath in cleaner air. We’ve talked a lot about hand washing and not spreading germs so this fit right in.

We have had the air purifier running now for a few weeks and it has already made a difference. Students have commented…”Supported Catch Your Breath in First Grade on January 06, 2020Mrs. MorganClyde Campbell Elementary School•Hickory, NC

Thank you so much for funding much needed supplies for my classroom. They will be put to good use and add excitement to my lessons.

My students enjoy new activities that allow them to show their creativity and work in groups. These supplies will be helpful as students are working in groups.”Supported Loads of Learning on January 06, 2020Ms. GarnettBlanche Reynolds Elementary School•Ventura, CA

I am in shock! I cannot believe my project was funded so quickly. I appreciate your support and I am so grateful there are so many wonderful folks out there rooting for my students’ success. Thank you so much for helping my class! My class will be amazed and excited to receive these calming sensory tools. I can’t wait for them to open the packages! I know they will help them immensely!”Supported Project: Calm and Conquer on January 06, 2020Mrs. OrtegaFour Corners Elementary School•Salem, OR

I am so blown away by the support from family, friends, and strangers!! I know these new books will be a joy for our 5th grade students. Can’t wait to surprise them with all these new books! My

hope and wish is that your generosity will be paid back to you someday in a big way!”Supported New Books = Open Minds on January 06, 2020Ms. StrodeRocketship Nashville NE Elementary School•Nashville, TN

I cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly appreciative of your kind and generous donations to our classroom. The impact this project will have on my students is life-changing, thanks to your kind hearts and generosity. There is not enough eloquent vocabulary in the world that can express the good you are doing for my kids.”Supported Vast Vocabulary for Kids! on January 06, 2020Mrs. GerngrossBaird Elementary School•Baird, TX

My science classroom has had a new door of learning opened thanks to your generous donation towards our microscope. The students have enjoyed the opportunity to peek into the microscopic world that they did not know existed. I have taught students about mold and bacteria for years using only photos online. This year, thanks to you, the students looked at mold and bacteria up close under the microscope. Thank you for you generosity towards my students. You truly have opened a new door of…”Supported What We Can’t See: Microscope Fun on January 06, 2020Mrs. ShellMarsh Elementary School•Michigan City, IN

Thank you so much for making this project possible. My students could not wait to get a hold of the robots and get started on coding. They worked in groups and started learning all about the coding process. This project proves that the littlest people can be interested in engineering.

Thank you for bringing this experience into our classroom. I could not offer these classroom learning materials to my students without the generosity of people like you. I appreciate you thinking of my…”Supported Can We Code? Yes, We Can! on January 06, 2020Ms. GreenJohn Marshall-Civic & Business•Cleveland, OH

It is with much gratitude and humbleness that I thank you for your generosity. My students will be so excited to see the new book cart and be able to access their own book choices and school supplies as able bodied students wheel the carts to them!

I am so excited to teach choices and safety through the “what would you do?” boardgame. The Main Street game will allow us to interact, have fun while learning valuable budgeting and shopping skills.

With your donation,…”Supported Accessibility for Differently Abled Social Skills and Literacy Skills on January 06, 2020Ms. ParkerElm Grove Elementary School•Wheeling, WV

Thank you so much! My students are so excited to use all of the classroom books! We are excited to build our classroom library and dive into reading. As a first year teacher, I am so thankful for your support and generous donations! My students are excited to use the new materials!”Supported Cozy Up With a Good Book on January 09, 2020Mrs. Webb-MullinsCaze Elementary School•Evansville, IN

Thank you very much. I will be able to use these in my classroom and for my intervention group. Independence and working on skills they need will make a bigger impact than trying to do this whole group. I can not wait to have pictures to post regarding this project.”Supported Making Math Fun on January 06, 2020Mr. LunaSummit Elementary School•Bloomington, IN

I am truly thankful for all your support in getting my project funded. I can’t wait to show my students all the new materials and begin using them with my class! Without kind people like you all, some things just wouldn’t be possible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”Supported Math and STEM! Let the Learning Begin! on January 06, 2020Mr. MullinsJemison High School•Huntsville, AL

Thanks for all your donations, this will help us tremendously this season ensuring we have tennis balls for all of our matches. We are fortunate to have generous donors like yourselves supporting us with our projects. If you are close to us and have the opportunity, we would love to have you watch some of our matches. Thanks again for your donations.”Supported Game Day Tennis Balls for the Jaguars! on January 06, 2020Mrs. KileWickersham Elementary School•Lancaster, PA

Thank you so much for your donation to this project and helping to give my students a foundation in writing. Unfortunately I have not been able to fully implement the program yet as my district is still fully involved in remote learning for all our students.

I did recently discover that the district has adopted this program at the middle school level. I believe exposing my students to elements of this program at the elementary level will in turn put them in a better position to continue…”Supported Young Authors Need Support on January 06, 2020Mr. OuttenOlympia Learning Center•Columbia, SC

Thank you everyone. Especially my fellow teacher’s. I can’t wait to get started on this project. My kids are excited too. My students will be able to get a personal view of what lies beyond the moon with the travel telescope. We will get started planting the seeds as soon as they arrive. I hope to post some pics in the upcoming weeks.”Supported Seed to Seed on January 06, 2020Mr. IslasVieau School•Milwaukee, WI

I just wanted to thank-you very much for your contributions. I really appreciate each and everyone of you that took the time and kind act of donating. I will make the best use of these resources. I really hope to use these tools to the best of my knowledge and make a learning impact on my second and third graders.”Supported Engaging Successful Learners on January 06, 2020Ms. BeckyJefferson Early Learning Center•Missoula, MT

Thank you so much for contributing to our little classroom community. We all are so grateful for you believing in us and our youngest learners. When we received our materials I waited to open the box with the children. Their eyes lit up and they were so excited to begin using them. As I brought out each box we talked about how to use the materials. The children raised their hands as to which one they wanted to explore first. Once they started playing they were asking me to help them with their…”Supported Reading Readiness! on January 06, 2020Ms. BussertJackson Charter School•Rockford, IL

My students loved the opportunity to learn more about current events using Scholastic News. They always want to know more about the world around them and scholastic News gives them a way to learn about current events in a safe, grade specific way.

All of the language is written with kids in mind and many times there are students who help write the articles. Having articles written by students allows students so to see that their voice is important and heard.

Even though we could…”Supported Scholastic News for Global Leaders on January 06, 2020Mrs. MitchellKennedy Elementary School•Lawrence, KS

Thank you so very much for your generous donation to my classroom and students. I’m so very excited to be able to provide my students with access to headphones and more books to encourage their love of reading. Your donation means the world to me. It really makes an impact in a big way for my present and future students.”Supported Books + Headphones = Awesome! on January 06, 2020Ms. ReuscherLewiston High School•Lewiston, ME

Thank you so much for contributing to this project. Having a physical tool for my students to use to understand bonding, molecular structure, and relative size of the atoms.

My students were so excited when I explained the activity to them, many of them had been struggling with understanding why certain elements bonded together and others wouldn’t. Being able to place the different pieces in their hands and watch them put it all together was amazing.

After I went through this…”Supported It’s These Giant Molecules Or I Shrink My Students on January 06, 2020Mr. MerrillCesar Chavez School•Portland, OR

Before our schools closed due to the pandemic I was able to use the light tables you helped purchase for our art classes. Students were engaged, excited and showed improvements in their drawing schools. I was able to purchase a 3D printer with the donations as well and was able to introduce some projects just before we left. I am sure students are excited for next year and integrating more technology in art. Take care during these difficult times and I am excited to share your gifts with…”Supported Title I K-8 Light Tables for Animation and Design on January 06, 2020Mrs. LeveneAdams Elementary School•Yakima, WA

I feel very blessed that this got fully funded. I am so excited to use in my classroom. The students are super excited to have a place to hang out and read when we return to the classroom.

Since Covid-19 hit we have been doing online learning. I haven’t had one child step foot in my classroom, this year. I wish I could say how much of an impact this has made on my students but it is a different type of year. As soon as we are able to return, I would love to share with everyone the…”Supported Reading Corner for Students! on January 06, 2020Ms. LichtenbergJanes Elementary School•Racine, WI

Thank you for supporting our project! This was a very special and ambitious project. My students have been interested in yoga since the start of the school year. We did a few things but nothing too big.

This project allowed each student to have their own personal yoga mat. Which they were very excited about. We also loved reading the books. Plus the cards were great for my students to lead themselves or a small group.

The first time we used the mats it was a little hectic! Trying to…”Supported Yoga Zen Zone on January 06, 2020Dr. WebbWithrow University High School•Cincinnati, OH

We can not thank you enough for your generous support. Without your support, I could not provide this opportunity for my students to learn how to code, see the relevance of the mathematics and science they are learning and just as important make school engaging and learning fun. I look forward to sharing their stories and photos of their learning experiences with the Spheros. Thank you for helping me to close the opportunity gap while exposing my students to 21st century digital literacy skills.”Supported Spark Math With Sphero on January 06, 2020Ms. AndresenJefferson Elementary School•Janesville, WI

Thank you so very much for your support with this project. The students at my school are going to benefit so much from this! They will be so surprised to see this hydroponics kit in action. Having hands-on, observational science kits makes learning so much more engaging. Being able to watch the life cycles from the start of the seed, to the caterpillar, to the butterfly will be such an exciting opportunity year after year. I truly thank you for your support.”Supported Hydroponics and the Butterfly on January 06, 2020Ms. KowalskiLakeforest Elementary School•Greenville, NC

Thank you so much for your generosity! With your donations my students will be able to take their learning to new heights! I know my students can do tremendous things, and with your help there will be no limit to what they will accomplish! My class is so grateful for your kindness”Supported Math and Reading Tools for Our Future World Changers on January 06, 2020Mr. ExumNorthwest Middle School•Knoxville, TN

My students are enjoying the white board answer paddles and the buzzer system. We are using the paddles as answer options for my students that are not comfortable answering out loud in class. They give them the option to participate in class discussions without getting anxiety.

The buzzer system has been a lot of fun for them. We have used it several times. The students have used them for review games and class discussion talking pieces. each table must buzz in to add to the discussion….”Supported Classroom Buzzer System for Lessons and Review Games. on January 06, 2020Ms. McCabeHuegel Elementary School•Madison, WI

Thank you for your generous donations! My student were thrilled with the hands on learning materials. They especially loved the multicultural families and the transforming alphabet toys.

My favorite part of the day is watching them self-select toys and materials during our free choice time every morning as the class settles in for the day. The learning materials you gave to us were in daily use! The materials are so perfectly open ended that the children can use them in various ways. Of…”Supported Hands-on Learning Materials on January 06, 2020Mrs. TilleySimon Kenton Elementary School•Springfield, OH

Thank you so much for choosing to support this project and my students.

Each year we do a unit on the Revolutionary War in which we discuss, research, read, write, and debate the details of the war. These fresh materials that are written in kid friendly language with wonderful artwork are sure to entice even the most reluctant reader.

Again, thanking you for supporting us and our pursuit of knowledge with reference to the founding of our country.”Supported Don’t Tread on Me! on January 06, 2020Mrs. Darden-PerryLead Mine Elementary School•Raleigh, NC

Thankyou for the shelves! Each student now has their own shelf and it is deafblind friendly. Each shelf has its own buckets that are labeled with braille in a specific location so that the student knows exactly where to go to get their materials for each subject area. Their is much less confusion and more order with these awesome new shelves. I can’t even begin to thank each of you who took the time to donate and make a difference in our students lives. When it is time for math, science or…”Supported Deafblind Students Need Accessible Shelving on January 06, 2020Ms. StephanyJefferson Elementary School•Oshkosh, WI

The students and I wish to thank you for your generous donation of five Sphero Mini robots, 3Doodler Pen, Doodle Blocks, and replacement filament. Without your generosity, I could not have integrated STREAM into the curriculum.

Students have been able to use the 3Doodler pen to write letters, spell words, and build 3D shapes for math. This tactile approach is very engaging for students. Also, the 3Doodler allows for students to work together as creating larger items require more hands….”Supported STEAM Integration With Sphero Mini Robots and 3Doodler Pens on January 06, 2020Mrs. RodriguezGolden West High School•Visalia, CA

Thank you to everyone who supported my classroom the kids will be so excited to have the resources needed to be successful and productive at the highest level! I value education and we cannot do it alone we must rely on the community and the generosity of others to guide and shape our future!!”Supported Chemistry Is Pretty Hard…People Usually Have ALKYNES of Trouble! on January 06, 2020Mrs. ZappMalcolm B Chancey Elementary School•Louisville, KY

Tomorrow is the first day back from break and I’m super excited to announce to my students that our project was funded because of generous donors like you! They will be thrilled to know that these supplies that we collectively brainstormed together will be arriving shortly. Thank you so very much, it wouldn’t have been possible without your donation!”Supported 21st Century Supplies for Focus! on January 06, 2020Ms. McQuearyBreckinridge Elementary School•Lexington, KY

We cannot begin to thank you enough for your generous donation to our classroom. Our students have loved having so many options in the art center and they have created so many masterpieces. From collages to sculptures and watercolor art…it has been amazing to see their creativity come to life. Our classroom has become a bright and engaging space full of student work. Our art center has a waiting list because it has become so popular. The kids fine motor skills have improved so much and even…”Supported Tiny Picassos on January 06, 2020Ms. NealEmpire Elementary School•Duncan, OK

What a wonderful surprise to check my page and see that my project was fully funded by some amazing people. Thank you so so much for your generosity and support! My class and future classes are going to enjoy these items so much! We can’t wait to receive them. It’s going to be like Christmas morning!”Supported We Get to Sit Where? on January 03, 2020Mrs. SnellMadison Middle School•Richmond, KY

Thank you so much for investing in my students! As a teacher in a diverse (economically, socially, ethnically – we got it all!) school we often see disproportionate resource abilities even for things as simple as headphones. In a middle school math classroom like mine, you can really see the difference and gaps in math understanding across students. Technology allows me to begin to bridge and build through those gaps.

Even though I have the ability to reach students at different levels,…”Supported Helping Students Hear to Learn and Grow Individually! on January 06, 2020Coach DurhamArthur Elementary School•Oklahoma City, OK

I would like to thank you for the donations given. Teachers are major impacts in the lives of young people. We are thankful for those who provide the resources needed to continue impacting young lives. We are truly thankful and grateful. I will utilize your donation to make an impact daily.”Supported Math and Technology on January 03, 2020Mrs. NealHilldale Middle School•Muskogee, OK

Learning is happening in 2020! Thank you so much for helping our classroom complete our project, Bright Lights and Fractions! We have hung our light covers and created a stronger learning environment. These light covers have reduced the over-stimulation caused by the bright lights.

We have also unpacked the fraction manipulatives and are able to VISUALLY see the manipulation of adding and subtracting fractions. Now students don’t just see 1/4 + 1/4 but are able to build actual blocks…”Supported Bright Lights and Fractions! on January 03, 2020